Tidy Towns visit to our School

On Wednesday 21st May Mr. Ron Williamson will be visiting our school to see how we are going with our environmental programs.
This is the Program
9:30 – Meet and greet the Judge: Mr. Ron Williamson
James, Nicola, Joel and Meg: Brief welcome speech prepared

Sign Mr. Williamson in at the Front Office

Introduce Mr. Williamson to Mr. Young and or Mr. Kerridge

9:35 – Assemble at science room

Grade 3/4 Recycling team – including shredded paper and worm farm

9:50 – 5/6D Classroom

1. Rio Vista Litter Control Student Action Team: What techniques are we trying to use to persuade dog owners to do the right thing? Every team to share 5/6D

2. Water Ambassadors: 2 new tanks, paint a tank competition, Mildura Schools Environmental Festival

3. Biodegradable pots – link waste to biodiversity; Layne and Brad L

4. Collection of milk bottles – how we decided on the no. per bale – how many we need for a seat in the schoolground : Jake

On the way to the Library take Mr. Williamson past the milk bottle collection centre and then past the green plastic table setting at the front of the school made out of milk bottles we saved.

10.30 -11.00 In the Library with the following students: Mrs. V to organise a cup of tea for the guests and have some biscuits

1. Rio Vista Recreation Management Student Action Team: 5/6E Visit to AusPlaztik

2. MRCC Recycling Advertisement Water Ambassadors: Rheanna, Trent, Mitchell, Nicola, K-Zanne [You may dress up if you like – or just the girls as there gear is in the Library] explain the ad and the purpose

3. Environmental Blog: Trent and Mikalea

4. River Health Team:

? Gateways to the River: Nicola and Hannah
? Environmental Flows: Tanzina and Rheanna

11.00 in Library with Ms. Murray
1. Inside Lunch System including the compost bins – 5/6B – Sarah and James Mc
[Prep buddies to do a demonstration – What goes in what bucket?]

2. Melbourne Gould Green Christmas – Shantelle and Tanicka

3. Special Forever – Courtney

4. Rio Vista Pest Control Student Action Team… – Rebecca, Laura and Wes (5/6 unit newsletter article, photos of weeds etc)

5. Rubbish Free Lunch – Nicola S and Zac

James, Joel, Nicola and Meg: Thank you for coming so that we can share all of our environmental work.

Take Mr. Williamson to the Office to check out of the school.


Public speaking and debating, give it a go!

Today I am going to talk about public speaking and debating. Why you should do it and give it a try. First of all public speaking and debating gives you the opportunity to express yourself and your opinion. It gives you the chance to have your say on a matter. You get to express yourself in a fun but challenging way. It increases your confidence and ability to talk in front of a crowd. When you do public speaking and debating you can find out interesting facts about things that you didn’t know but other people did. Please take this into consideration En stock.


Should grade 6 get priority when it comes to sport?

It’s easy to see how you may be misguided as to whether year 6 should have priority or not. There are 2 sides. Let’s view why they should first. If year six get priority it means that everyone gets a chance to go to interschool sport. It gives our older so normally more experienced and taller players the chance to beat other teams. It saves the teachers and students time and effort because we don’t have to have tryouts.

Now the bad side. The year fives normally don’t have the chance to go to interschool sport because of the year six getting priority. This means our school may be missing out on seriously talented players. And the year fives have to do school sport. If there was tryouts then the teacher could get the team quicker so they could have practice. So there you have it. Please leave a comment if you think year six should get priority or not.



Most children think why do we have the Naplan?
Why is it so vital? I’m here to tell you why.
The Naplan shows your teacher and parents where you are at. It tells them what you need help with, so they can give you the assistance with the right subjects so you aren’t bored learning the subjects you already know.

The year six people are complaining about doing the test but to let you know I know someone who repeated year 5. They had to do the test two years in a row anyway. So this is their third. It can’t be as bad as that can it? I hope I have changed your thoughts.