Information Reports using sub headings that make people think!

We have been writing information reports about the endangered regent parrot and we have discussed many different ways of writing the headings of habitat, diet, breeding and so on to make our information reports more interesting.

Shanii and Abby: We have the following headings… guess what they mean…

‘It may not be fancy but it’s what I like to eat!”

‘Most names are easy to say but mine isn’t!’

‘It may not be a mansion but it suits my lifestyle!’

Hannah and Kristin: My B, L and T! [Diet]

James and Jeremy: Where’s my crib? [Habitat]

Mitchell and Tyler: How do I stay in shape.? [Diet]

Courtney: Come over to my place… [Habitat]

Hey good lookin… [Description]

There are many different and interesting ways to present information that keeps the reader thinking.

Here are some pictures to show you a different way to present information about ‘Diet’.

If you have any other ideas leave us a comment!


My Autobiography

Hi guys, its Mikaela again!
For our pieces of writing, people are doing poems, recounts, narratives and all different sorts of writing types. I have chosen to do something a little bit different.
I am doing an autobiography!
An autobiography is a piece of writing that is sort of like a story that can be mainly factual, but from someone elses point of view.
The type of person/animal/creature that I am doing an autobiography on is a fingerling.
I am going to write a story as if I was a fingerling.
I am not quite finished my story yet, so keep in touch!