Litter Control Student Action Team 2011

Thank you to the students of 5/6D that were happy to have our group of pre-service teachers from Latrobe University along with you while you undertook such an important role in the ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ activities at Rio Vista Park. It was fantastic to see you all willing to get down and dirty to make a positive impact in your own community. It was great to see the willingness to keep this beautiful country of ours litter free.
Keep up the good work guys, and remember, Every little bit helps!


Rio Vista

Cleaning Rio Vista is important so we can help people keep their place clean in their own country. If we all keep our part of the world clean then everyone will live in a better place.


The Rio Vista Clean up

On Thursday 3rd March 5/6D went to Rio Vista to clean up. We divided into groups of about 6 or 7 and went to clean up. Some of the groups found interesting things like rubber thongs, lots of these bamboo sticks to hold up the little plants and plastic tree guards protecting the young trees.

Keeping our local area clean helps us to be proud of where we live.



On March 3rd we went to Rio Vista and I found most of the rubbish under the picnic table.I think it is a very good idea to participate in Clean Up Australia Day because it will make our environment clean.


Animals at Rio Vista

Rio Vista Park is important because it helps possums and other animals feel safe. So to help the animals we need to keep the area clean and tidy. When our class went to Clean-Up we found lots of rubbish in amongst the bushes and that would affect the animals.


Rio Vista is a much cleaner place!

On the 4th of March 5/6D went to Rio Vista. It was a lot of fun. Cleaning up was a good thing to do because we found lots of rubbish hidden under bushes. That wouldn’t be good for the plants to have litter around them.

I think it is important to have special Clean-Up Days so we keep our community tidy.


Litter Control Student Action Team 2009

This year 5/6B are the Rio Vista Litter Control Student Action Team. They are heading off to Rio Vista Park on 26th February to represent our school as part of the Community Clean -Up Australia Day. Their job will be to collect as much litter as possibel to prevent it from going into the murray River. Rio Vista Park is a riparian zone and needs to be kept clear of litter. It is like a corridor for animals so any litter that prevents them from moving from one habitat to another is a bad thing for the animals.
A record will be kept of all the litter types so we can send the data to the Clean up Australia committee.


Dogs on leads

  Why is Rio Vista Park not one of the areas where dogs should be on leashes?

 Rio Vista Park is a riparian zone and needs to be left in its natural state. Riparian zones are called the lungs of the river because it filters all the litter, so it doesn’t go into the river. If dog’s business gets into the river, blue green algae forms and this is harmful to humans.

Dog owners should police their dog’s business.

 I would like to see your comments on this topic.  


Dogs on a Leash

I disagree that dogs should be put on leashes for their time outdoors. It is unfair to them because going outside is usually a treat for most dogs, so what is the point if you’re just going to drag them around the park? How can you play fetch if you’re holding them on a lead? Lots of people complain about dog poo going into the river in some areas, but that isn’t the dogs responsibility is it?

 There might be a high rate of dog attacks in Mildura in fact we know there have been 63 dog bites in Mildura, but did you think about the dog’s side of the story? Dogs don’t just attack people for the fun of it. Most times I bet people and kids intimidate them. Most kids if a dog approaches, will run, and what does the dog do run after them.

 Because I disagree I think that you should have a special place for dogs I mean you should have a park just for dogs in about every single town so they can play and then there will not be anyone complaining of being bitten. 



Dogs on a leash

Why did you stop local dog owners letting their dogs off leashes? They should be able to run and fetch balls. I know that they poop and it gets in the river and causes blue and green algae but they should be able to be off the leash for a small amount of time.

Local dog owners need to know about the following.  

These are some things to clean up the dog poo,

  • Dog poo bags.
  • Specified days for dogs in local places, Rio Vista, JC park and lots of other places.

What other things can dog owners do for their dogs so they can be off a leash? 


The Litter in Rio Vista Park

The litter in Rio Vista Park has improved since Clean Up Day 2008 but it needs to be much better! 5/6D helped to clean up the Park but everyone needs to help by not dropping litter in the first place.

Mildura Rural City has a few solutions for the problem. They are introducing poop bags for dog owners so we keep Rio Vista clean and tidy.
Special bags will be available so dog owners take more responsibility for their dogs and clean up.

If you know someone that owns a dog and likes taking their dog for a walk at Rio Vista Park, let them know about the poop bags.



Newcomers that have dogs and want to take your dog for a walk at Rio Vista Park in Mildura. Doggie doo at Rio Vista Park is very unpleasant and smelly and if you step in it you will be disgusted. It is not very easy to get off your shoes! 


The effect it has on the environment can be very dangerous as some of the dog droppings left on the ground have very dangerous bacteria. If this gets into the river it can harm a lot of fish. Some fish are already endangered and this would make things worse.  


Toxocara canis is the ringworm found in sick or injured dog’s poop. It can be very harmful to us humans and other animals. 


Cleaning up after your dog is very helpful for the environment, humans’ health and the health of other animals. It also helps our waterways from being contaminated. 

So when you take your dog for a walk do the right thing and pick up your doggie’s doo!


Dog poop and littering

I know that dog poop isn’t a nice subject to talk about but it’s something that we need to open our eyes to. Dog poop can effect the environment in many ways that rubbish can. That’s why we need to stop it just like we try to stop littering. You see rubbish and dog poop are just the same thing. They both contain germs and harm the environment. Just one comes from a dog’s behind.Air Sealed Tent

We have supported not littering, so we should support getting rid of dog poop. To help us clean up our dog’s poop the Mildura Rural City Council will soon be releasing dog poop bags along withl a little case to put your own plastic bags in.

Please give me your view on this matter.


Three things you can do to help the environment.

Libby welcomes you to her environmental advice.
S-We are here to talk to you about how to clean up your dog’s poop.

L- Let’s call it dog doo. It is easy. All you need is a plastic bag, bread bag or something like that. This is how you do it.

S- Step No.1– Put your hand into your plastic bag or other bag and put it over the dog poop.

Step No.2 – Pick up in bag and then flip the bag.

Step No.3. Spin the bag and throw it in a bin.

L- It is as easy as that. It is an easy way to do your part to help the environment… Which brings us to our next subject how rubbish affects the environment.

S- Well rubbish pollutes the environment. This means we aren’t allowing nature to grow and look nice.

L- Yes. Also it makes Mildura look like a dirty place. Not worthy of respect. We don’t want that! We want our visitors to think that Mildura is beautiful place that it is a lovely holiday destination so they will come again.

S- It also shows pride in the town and the people who live here. So if you see any rubbish pick it up and do your part to help Mildura look like a beautiful place.

L- Totally… and it helps the environment grow. While we are on the subject of plants you know you can make recyclable pots?

S- No but I know that normal plastic pots can harm a plant when it is taken out.

L- So if you’re a person who likes to grow their plants before you plant them or just like recycling this is for you.

S- So we will need a few plastic pots, right?

L- Yes you will need to shred, cut or tear newspaper or office paper. Leave it in water overnight so it turns into pulp or damp newspaper.

S- Then you would get out the pots and start work. First you need to get a handful of pulp and put it on the bottom of the pot. Then pat for around a minute so it starts to get in shape and gets rid of excess water.

L- Once you have done that you do the same but twist it around the pot. When it is done make sure it has no gaps otherwise it may not work.

S- If you leave a pot outside which we recommend to do, leave it till it dries which
will be 2-4 days in the sun. If you leave it inside it can take around 2 weeks+.

L- Once it is dry, remove the plastic pot that is the mould, put some soil in it and plant a seed. Water according to instructions and leave it in shade or sun depending on what plant it is.

S- Once it has grown you just plant it in the ground. You don’t have to take it out
like plastic pots so the plant isn’t damaged or harmed.

L- Just remember don’t make the recyclable pot too thick. Following these 3 things means you can do your part to help the environment.


What would you do?

Rubbish – What would you think if someone kept dumping rubbish in your back yard?

Dog poop – Would you like to step in dog poop?

Pollution – If you and the people around you were drinking the rubbish that you chucked in the bin last week would you be happy?

Introduced species – How would you like it if you had introduced species in your back yard eating all your plants?

…because that’s what is happening. So if you said NO to all of the questions above then you should help us at Rio Vista Park not the dumpers.
So what do you choose? It’s your choice!

Written by Josh and Lachlan