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I agree with everyone else about Rock’s bad attitude and all that, but what can we do about it? Maybe the Student Action team can make an advertisement to try and out perform Rock! We could create this character with a nice attitude and maybe model it of a student or teacher at Mildura West P.S. It would really help spread the message about litter and recycling, and maybe we could put in something about water? It might help the school win even more awards and stuff like that!

Please leave me a comment to let me know about what you think! ?

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A better idea than ‘Rock!’

On Tuesday the 22nd of July we went to Wallpolla Island. We were led by a Park Ranger from Parks Victoria who knew a lot about the environment and had a passion for biodiversity. Kids seemed to respect him and everybody got along with him. So I ask you, would he be a good role model instead of ”Rock?”A person who doesn’t call eight year old girls ”chickie babes?”

A park ranger with a good sense of humor and some good jokes would be a perfect role model. Imagine how well the advertisements would turn out!

So please give me your thoughts and ideas about Rock and my park ranger idea.


What I think about Rock and the ads!

I totally agree with Joel how the advertisements are teaching kids to speak rudely and the ads don’t seem to be teaching kids and adults anything.
He is pointing the ads mainly towards younger kids but it is not mainly them who are polluting!

Lots of people seem to make excuses for Rock being funny and making kids laugh, but I think that kids think he is a joke! Some people think he is funny the way he looks, but some people are laughing at him instead of with him!
When we were coming up with ideas, Trent suggested conning people into putting their rubbish in a bin by giving them 5 cents every piece of rubbish.
I disagree with this idea because it is cheating people and false advertisement.
What would people want with 5 cents anyway?  They can’t even buy lollies for 5 cents!

I hope to come up with more ideas soon!
I don’t mean to offend anybody, I am expressing my opinion.



What do we think of Rock?

Mildura Rural City Council has made some advertisements to get everyone to be better at reducing, re-using and recycling. In case you don’t know who ”Rock” is [the main character], he’s a man in about his mid-30’s who goes around to schools trying to teach kids about the environment and waste, yeah he sounds great, but I am perturbed about some of his acts and performances.

Is it nice to call a 10 year old girl a ”chickie babe?” One advertisement really concerns me where they show elderly peoples legs standing in a bucket in the shower. I don’t think they should be showing this ad during family television time. It is not appropriate to be shown during the family dinner time. It puts you off your food! I also think that instead of just grabbing a video camera and brainstorming ideas, they should go to some company who does ads and tell them what they want, so the ads are professionly done and that way they’re also helping the locals stay in buisness.

I think they could improve on the slogans they sing and instead of “Don’t be a drip” or ”cardboard,paper, glass, plastic bottles, don’t forget the cans,” they could get kids to do good slogans that are well sung.

Also if you’ve got any good slogans write them in the comments.


Ethics in Advertising – Getting a message out there!

Coming soon – a category ‘Ethics in Advertising!’ You might say what does that mean? Through advertising and the media peoples ideas, attitudes and behaviours can be formed. You will have all heard of the saying ‘A picture tells a thousand words.’ When we look at a picture we can infer the message – we don’t always need words to give us a message.
The advertisements we see are made up of many choices:
? What to show … and what not to show.
? What to say … and how to say it.
? When to show it and when not to
? Who to put in the advertisement … and who not to.
Some of the posts in this category will raise issues and questions to make you think. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What we want you to do is think of the issue raised from many different points of view when you are writing a post or making a comment.
Good luck with your ideas and thinking!