Superb Fairy-wren

The male bird is easy to recognise with itsĀ gleaming, velvety blue-and-black plumage.

Eli Superb Fairy Wren

Scientific Name: Malurus cyaneus

Common Name: Superb Fairy-wren

Distinguishing Features: The head and throat has vibrant blue and black for the males. Males also have grey legs, underbelly and wings. They also have brown eyes and a black bill. The females are dull browns and greys with a red-orange area around the eye and a brown bill.

Habitat: Superb Fairy-wrens like dense cover and low shrubs. They can be found in urban parks and gardens.

Diet: They eat small insects and arthropods.

Status: Secure.

Interesting Facts: Male Superb Fairy-wrens are labeled as the least faithful birds in the world.




Biodegradable pots

For Science we have had some fun and made some interesting things. Last Wednesday we made biodegradable pots. It was easy to do but it takes a bit of persistance.


10L bucket, shredded newspaper or office paper, soaked over night, 5L water, small pot.


1. Shred Newspaper.
2. Half fill 10L bucket of water and saturate the solution with shredded newspaper.
3. Leave overnight so that the paper turns into pulp.
4. Get a pot.
5. Turn pot upside down.
6. Get a small handfull or a blob shredded newspaper and put it on the bottum of the pot.
7. Squash down to get water out.
8. Take small pieces of paper and wrap it around the pot.
Squash all the paper down to get the water out (Thickness 3-4 mm).

These pots are environmentally friendly. Why do you think they are?
I am looking forward to your comments.

We would like to thank Melanie and Joel for helping us learn how to make biogegradable pots.