Pollution in the river by Stephanie,Catherine and Sophie!!!


This is a podcast on the Murray River pollution!


Water Saving Tips! Everyone needs to pitch in and do their part!’


Download it here:jordy-hannah-and-gemm.mp3






How to post a podcast for people who don’t get it.

1. Convert the file to MP3.
2. Under file:Go to browse on the write section.
3. Find the mp3 file.
4. Give it a description.
5. Press ‘Upload’
6. You will see a link come up.
7. Copy the link
8. Put above the link [ audio:
9. Then press ‘Control v’ – ‘Ctrl v’
10. Remove the hyperlink so it is not blue – highlight the text and click the “broken chain” in the editing bar.
11. Then end the brackets(]). eg [ audio:myfile.mp3 ] make sure you don’t have spaces like I have here!
12. Put FIN in your heading.
13. Press save down the bottom.
14. Wait for Mrs. Vowerk to check and post it.


Trent’s and Lachlan’s Podcast




Troubleshooting Podcasting. Queries from ‘The Enviro Team…’

Podcasting is great fun. Can you help us work out the answers so we are more successful podcasters!

? I have recorded my podcast and it keeps squealing at me.
? How do you save a podcast?
? Can you give me the steps to follow?
? How do I find the background music?
? When I find the music what do I do? How do we put the music on?
? My MP3 recording is so quiet I cannot hear it. What can I do to fix this?
? I couldn’t find my data. What can I do to check where it is?
? Are these the steps to podcasting?
1. Choose a topic
2. Create: write a script
3. Record
4. Import Audio [recording]
5. Check
6. Post
? What are all the steps to making a podcast?
? How do you get what we have recorded off the MP3 player and onto Audacity?
? How do I record my speech?
? How do I change the music if I don’t like it?
? When we listen to our recording it jumps through the recording. What are we doing to cause this?
? What are all the tools used for in Audacity? Is there a list so we can check?


PODCASTING TIPS by ‘The Enviro Team’

1. Hold the MP3 player away from your mouth so the words are not blurry.
2. Write a script before you start recording so everyone knows exactly what they are doing.
3. Everyone needs to be responsible so they get the podcast done.
4. If you want to have an interview, practice speaking before you record it.
5. Only have 2 or 3 people in your group so you can get a recording finished.

Have you got any more podcasting tips?


Be Water Wise


Download it here!

Please have a listen to my water wise message!


Podcasting: What is it?

Hey guys, it’s Trent again! In my school ‘Environmental Team’, the group is doing podcasting. If you don’t know what podcasting is then keep reading this post, if you do know what podcasting is skip this paragraph.

Podcasting is basically a radio show that you can download and then play any time you like. But what is so good about a podcast, is that you are able to put them on almost any MP3 player not just ipods. To make it even better you can subscribe and all you need to do is get a program that can receive podcasts such as iTunes.

Two programs I can recommend to do your own podcasting with are Garage Band which comes with all later model Mac’s. This is a lot easier than Audacity but Audacity is the best free program you can get for Windows and it runs on Mac as well. I will be posting all the podcasts that I do on here and so will my class mates.

See ya Trent.