Writing Comments on the Blog

Hi again, it’s Mikaela
Now that everyone should know  how to write a post, when you are reading other peoples’ posts you can leave a comment expressing what your thoughts are and anyone can have a look at your opinion!
You might not have noticed, but there is a small button at the bottom of each post that says comments and it says next to it how many comments that post has received.
To write a comment, you have to be logged in and you just click on that button and it will show you the comments that it has received and there will be a large empty box down the bottom.
This box is for writing your comment in but you aren’t allowed to write any negative things though.
You can write what you want. Make sure you think about the comment. Sometimes it is good to suggest some further ideas and that gets everyone thinking. When you finish just write who it is from [just your first name, no surnames] then click Submit Query and that’s all!

Have Fun!


How do I use the blog?

Hi,  it’s Mikaela again and I am going to explain how to use the blog so that you new comers understand and can share all your important information or work with the whole team!
To get logged in, there is the word login on the right side of the home page. You will see it only if you scroll down past the search section.
After you click on this, there will be a section where you can put your password and user name that Mrs. Vorwerk will give you.
After you have logged in the screen will show you a different page.
To write a post, which is the piece of writing that I am doing, at the top of the page it says write and it will come up with a space for a heading and a space for writing.
To publish your post, you should press save which is below the space for writing and then press publish which is beside the save button.
If you wish to change your password, click on the word profile which is up the top with the button to post.
Scroll down to the section where it says update your password and type in your new password and click ok. You can also change your nickname so that it says your nickname next to your post. All you have to do is go into profile and under the name section it has a writing box to change your nickname and then you click ok and . . . . . . . .  voilà!
It says your new nickname next to the post!
That is all you need to do to write a post and it is really easy to get the hang of!

Have fun!