1 . What can carp do to our river?

    2 .What’s their average size?

    3 .What is the percentage of catching a carp compared to other fish?

    4 .How come they breed so often?

    5 .Can carp hurt humans?


Carp questions?

-Why are we not allowed to put carp back in the river?

-How come there are so many carp at once?

-What will happen if we just leave the carp there on the river bank?

-What will happen if we put them back in the river?

-Are carp stopping the native fish breeding?

-What is the best river to fish in that doesn’t have any carp?

-Why are carp so bad?






Nya’s Carp Question

How are carp wrecking the river?
Are there any laws for catching carp/fish?
How can we stop carp ruining the river?
How many carp are there in the Murray/Darling? Are they affecting other fish?
What do carp eat?
How bad do carp impact on the environment?
Why were carp introduced to Australia?
How do you identify a carp?
Do carp cause Blue-Green Algae?


Carp questions

1. Do carp harm other fish?

2. What can happen if we don’t get rid of carp?

3. How did carp get in the Murray in the first place?

4. How long can carp live out of water?

5. Is the Murray the only river with carp in it?


Ratio of carp?

What is the ratio of carp to other fish in the Murray River?


Enviro carp questions

What damage do carp do to the river?

Are carp dangerous to other fish?

Do carp invade other fish territories?

Do you need to bury carp after you catch them?

Do carp make the water dirty?


Enviro Questions

What does a Carp look like?

How do carp affect the river/fish?

What are the carp laws?

What would the river look like without carp in it?

What will happen if Carp are left on the river bank?

How did carp even get into the Murray River?


Carp Questions

Where do I put my carp after fishing at the river?

What does a carp look like?

How big do carp get?

How badly do carp harm the environment?

Are carp bad in the Murray River?

Do carp effect breeding of fish?


Carp Questions

How many carp are in the river ?

What is so bad about carp?

Can carp hurt other fish? If it does how does it hurt other fish?

How do we dispose of carp?

How do we identify a carp?

Do carp effect fish eggs?

Do carp make the water more muddy when they get bigger?



During the floods here in Mildura on 4th February most of the fish population was affected and some even died. 


A Fingerling’s Life!

I opened my eyes for the first time. All I could see was white.
I turned around to see if there were any other colours but it all was white.
I started to fret. Was I trapped? I was scared.

As soon as I thought there was no point in living if everything was white, a flood of nice, cool blue flooded in through a crack in the dreaded whiteness. There was something grey that kept pecking at the white stuff and it made a terrible cracking noise as I started to see more of the world. I realised that (I was really stupid not to know!) I was in an egg when a familiar voice screamed, “Do something! It’s going to kill my babies!” Soon there was a loud ‘CRACK’ as the egg fell apart and I was swept away in a tide. Then everything went black!

I woke up in some disgusting, multicoloured slime and I didn’t realise that I was in the stomach of my saviour. The barracuda that freed me from the white egg case! It was all gross! There was nothing but darkness but I had this feeling I wasn’t alone. Something grabbed my little fin and I fell into a hole of swirling slime.

Soon, I was swept out of the barracuda’s mouth as it breathed slowly. I was free! It was beautiful. I saw corals of all sorts, and a beautiful rainbow reef! It seemed like every fish of every colour was everywhere! I couldn’t help myself; I had to get closer to the beautiful colours of the ocean! It was like a trance!

I didn’t know that I didn’t belong in the ocean. When I was a little dot in an egg, I got washed through the mouth of the Murray River at Goolwa and into the sea! I was mixed up with Puffer Fish eggs and they had become my new family. I didn’t know that I was a Murray Cod fingerling!

The ocean was a dangerous place for a fingerling, where danger lurked in every shadow. Just waiting… waiting for a chance to snatch a yummy snack! At that moment, I was happy though. Everything was bright and cheery. I thought that everything couldn’t have been any better but I guess so was the barracuda that was hiding in amongst a pile of rocks.

It took only a split second for the long, sharp teeth to sink into my right fin, only just missing out on eating me whole. I was too fast for it, but its long teeth scraped along my side, clamping shut on my fin, determined not to let go.

One moment I was in total shock, paralysed, and the next moment a wave of fear and pain washed over my body like a dark shadow. I realised that it wasn’t just pain washing over me, there actually was a shadow creeping along the surface.

The barracuda let go of me painfully and darted away as fast as its jaws found me. I looked up to see the shape of a small boat, which, of course, was new to me. As I was scanning the boat for any strange movement, I got a strange feeling; like a shock going through me. I couldn’t move! I wasn’t scared or anything, I physically couldn’t move!

I started rising. The sight of the surface started to get closer and closer. That was when I started to get scared. What if I reached the top and I still couldn’t move? I tried and tried to move! I couldn’t even feel my fins! I realised that I could only move my head and got a glimpse of other fish rising to the surface. I could see movement on the surface but the unnatural ripples blurred my vision. I finally reached the surface.

My head bobbed above the surface and I saw an ‘air breather’ (man) sitting in the brown boat. It seemed to be muttering something to itself and writing something on a clip board. I struggled to breathe and dunked my head under the water long enough for me to take a quick breath. As I left the water again, I noticed that birds were gathering, perching on tree branches and ‘licking their beaks.’ I almost thought that the ‘grins’ the birds wore on their faces would be the last things I would ever see. I only narrowly escaped!

As the ‘air breather’ began to lose interest, the birds became restless, waiting for him to leave. One unlucky bird swooped too low towards a fish near the boat and got a nasty knock on the head from the ‘air breather’s’ clipboard.
The next bird was lucky and I think that it ate the barracuda that had nipped my fin!
Ha, ha, ha! Well, he deserved it! But I was still on the surface, easy prey! As the ‘air breather’ saw that other birds were copying the leader, it pulled out a small black remote, with 50 million wires attached to it, and pressed a small red button. My whole body went numb and my vision went blurry. I was passing out from the air, but I was sinking. I COULD MOVE AGAIN!

I woke up in darkness. I felt that I was about to be crushed from the pressure of the deep. It felt so heavy and I wondered how whales and creatures of the dark could adapt to the pressure! Ouch, I touched something prickly from behind. Aaaaaaaaaaah! It blew up in my face! A puffer fish! Oh, no!
I was stuck to it as the poison slowly entered my blood veins. Life was being drowned out of me like a wet sponge being squeezed! Everything went blurry and I passed out. I can’t believe that I actually woke up after being injected with the poison from one of those…uh…what do you call them? It’s coming to me…Hold on, hold on ….. uh hu I know, octopus!!
No…wait, that isn’t it… was it? Aaah, thank-you…it’s a Puffer Fish!
(I swear, I knew it all along, I was just joking!) Is it just me or am I going mentally INSANE!? I can’t believe that I am floating here, thinking of what the ridiculous fish’s name is that all most killed me! Hey, I am floating! I’m still alive! This must be a world record, surviving poison of a silly fish!
Ouch! I tried to move. I looked at my side and saw that it had turned purple!
I know why I am still alive! The saliva from the barracuda attack must have some sort of protection! I really can’t beleve I am saying this, but, ‘Thank-you, Barracuda, for attacking me!’

One of the spines from the fish was still in my little fin! Ouch, it hurt soooo much!
I needed help. Well there’s only one way to get it… ‘HELP. I AM WOUNDED! HELP’
Well, that got everybody’s attention. Not in a good way.
‘Ah…Everyone seemed to attack at once, probably thinking, ‘Yummy, yummy snack. This little shrimp must be from inland! He’s so unwise to tell everyone at the top of his voice that he is sick and most likely dying. Perfect prey’
I darted out of the group. Hey, and they think I’m brainless! They’re ripping each other to shreds and I’m just standing there watching! Talk about dim witted!
I decided that someone might see me so I left quickly, hiding in sea weed and coral, dodging basking sharks.

Woo hoo. I was surfing a current! It was so dreamy, pulling me into a long, peaceful sleep! EEEEW! I woke up in murky, disgusting water. Where did the beautiful corals and reefs go? I need to get out of here! Where am I? Which way do I go?
Who would make this water so disgusting? I saw a fish doing something really weird on the sand. As I got closer, I was disgusted. This filthy fish was like a vacuum cleaner, sucking up everything that got in the way, but then spitting out a foul and disgusting substance I am guessing what it ate for lunch last week!

I need to get out of this place! I got the fright of my life as something bright red roared over the surface, leaving a trail of bubbles and thick, oozing oil behind! It was exactly like the thing that ‘air breather’ was in when I was paralysed, only it had something on the back that made all the bubbles!

The oil covered me as I tried to escape the blackness that I had fallen into so many times before! Blinded, I darted in a direction as fast as I could, the oil peeling off my face. I looked up, but instead of black, there was a bluey-green thing seeping across the surface. It looked furry. Unpleasant and slimy! All the more reason to get out of here!

Hang on a sec! The water has changed. It seems so close to air, but I am 3-4 metres beneath the surface. The oxygen level was dropping and I didn’t know why.
I swam 20 metres away from where the slime was covering the surface, but it was seeping everywhere from all angles. I was trapped! It was getting hard to breathe. I took big gulps through my gills but my sight began to go fuzzy. I fled to the top of the water and dived out into the air just as I felt my body was going to explode.

I landed with a splash and the slime covered my scales. I was stranded, above air.
What is this stuff? Its blue-green. . . . . . . ALGAE!
I am not smart or anything, however it said it on the sign on the sand over there…



Oh, oh!


There are so many reasons I need to get out of here and I just happen to be stuck in Blue Green Algae! Hang on, I can read!
I stopped breathing.
Still Black.
I am not going to wake up this time. . . . . .
Wait a second. . . OUCH!
Be careful with me for goodness sake!
Wait, that hurt!
Hmmmmm, I didn’t think that being dead would hurt, but I guess ‘death’ doesn’t sound peaceful. I am thinking, I can’t be dead because you can’t be thinking that you aren’t dead if you are dead!
I think I tipped off the psycho scale right about when I said ‘… I can’t be dead because…..’ Yes. I’m not silly. I know that you think I am totally whacko!
I agree!
Ok. I’m alive but I see nothing but black, but I can feel pain!
Where does that get me?
Crazy scale 9.9?
Open eyes! My brain screamed at me but my mind suddenly went blank and I didn’t remember how to open my eyes. Were my eyes all ready open? I think that they read minds.
More ‘air breathers’ stared down at me and I was almost blinded by the light.
They had uncovered the plastic bag that had been carrying me out of the disgusting Blue Green Algae and into clear, fresh water.
The bag was suddenly untied and I felt myself falling, falling… ‘PLOP’ I landed in a mini pool of water except much cleaner and there was no Blue Green Algae floating around.
Wow. I loved this place, but there were so many ‘air breathers’ staring at me.
It freaked me out! I am not a Museum Artefact! I dove down deep, hiding behind some green weed. I wish they would stop staring at me! I went closer to the surface to see if they were gone, but there seemed to be even more. I fled to hide again but found myself swimming into another bag. I got the same feeling as before. The feeling that I was trapped! I tried to swim through the opening of the bag, but it had closed. I pushed against it, rising to the top, hoping a bird would come and attempt to snatch me up but then get the bag off. There were no birds in sight.
I was floating to the edge of the mini ocean thing, and the next thing I knew, I was stuck in a net and being pulled out of the water. I can’t believe how many times I have been close to death. Here it happens yet again.

One ‘air breather’ snatched me out of the net and took me out from the bag.
It muttered something along the lines of ‘…inconsiderate people chucking their rubbish in the river and killing fish…’
I was just about to be dropped in the water again but the ‘air breather’ stopped when it heard a small voice say ‘ Mummy, can we take him home! Please! We still have that little fish tank out in the shed!’

And… that is the end of my story as a fingerling!
Here I am telling all my own little Fingerlings, ‘A Fingerling’s Life!’


Fish are interesting!

What are some issues in the river?
Some of the issues in the River are that some of the waterways are drying up, there is carp in the river and carp are not welcome in the river because they kill the native fish that live in the river.

Native Fish!

*Trout Cod                       *Southern Purple                       *Golden Perch
*Bony Herring                   *Australian Smelt                       *Congi
*River Blackfish                 *Silver Perch                             *Macquarie Perch
*Olive perch                 *Freshwater catfish                    *Murray Darling Rainbow

Fishing Licence!
To be able to fish you need a NSW fishing licence or you can’t fish even if you are standing on the Victorian bank of the Murray River. The Murray River belongs to New South Wales and every time we use the river we have to know NSW laws.


Electrofishing is used to help manage the fish populations and find out how many fish there are and where they travel to.

Electrofishing works like this:A charge of electricity passes through the water and the fish is stunned. The fish management people can tag the fish so they can check how far the fish travels and how much they have grown.

Electrofishing is very useful to help get rid of introduced species such as the European carp.

Electrofishing is very useful when it is used properly to find out more about fish in the waterways.


Fishy Stuff About Fish!

What type of fish am I? What size am I?

Some of the fish are:
? Trout Cod size – 40-50cm
? Murray Cod size – 45-65cm. [There many types of cod.]
? The Bony Herring size – 10-20cm
? The River Black Fish size – 15-20cm.

The types of perch that live in the Murray are:
? Olive perchlet size – 4-6cm
? Southern pygmy perch size – 4-6cm.
? Silver perch size – 30-45cm
? Macquarie perch size – 25-35cm
? Golden perch size – 25-45cm

Do you know everything about me? Find out!
Yours sincerely
Murray Cod

I am the biggest fish in the Murray. My biggest possible weight is 113kg. Did you know that 1.8 m is the largest length that has ever been found in my family! Usually we grow to about 45-65 cm. If there were more of us there would be less Carp, our enemy! Murray Cod and Trout Cod breed together when our immune systems are down!

Do you know the rules?

– Some of the rules are if you catch a fish under or over the limit you have to put it back in the water.
– Another one is if you catch a carp you are not allowed to put it back in the river but you can eat it if you have a great recipe.
– If you are 18 or over you have to have a licence to fish.


Facts about the Murray River

There are only two kinds of native cod. One is the Murray Cod and it usually grows to 40-50cm long. The other cod is the Trout Cod that can grow a bigger than the Murray Cod. It can grow to 45-65cm long.

Another species is the perch there is the Macquarie Perch, the Silver Perch and the Redfin Perch.
? The Macquarie Perch grows to 25-35cm long.
? The Silver Perch grows to 30-45cm long.
? The Redfin Perch grows to 25-30cm long.

One other species include the Carp. There is the Western Carp Gudgeon. This species is very small and grows to 3-5cm long. That’s just a few of the species there are a few more.


Some fish laws are:
? You have to throw the fish back if it’s not a reasonable size.
? You are not allowed to throw carp back in because they make the river dirty and carp is an introduced species.
? One other fish law is if you are 18 or over you have to have a fishing licence.


One bad fish in our river is the carp. This species is bad because they make holes on the bottom and they make the mud come up and dirty our river. Carp ruin the Murray Cod’s habitat.

European Carp also known as Common Carp were introduced into Australia in 1872 and meant to stay in aquariums. They are now in the wild and have spread into the Murray Darling Basin. This is a huge problem for our native fish and the environment!


Fish information


In the Murray River there are lots of different species. Some of the species are Murray Cod, Yellow Belly Perch, Flat headed Gudgoen and Short Finned Eel. Some of these are endangered but European Carp cause destruction and we need to get rid of them.

Introduced species. Not good!

Intoduced species such as European Carp are not good because they kill our native fish and devastate our river vegetation. The European Carp was introduced here in Australia for fishing purposes and has got right out of control in the inland river system. European Carp are known as a PEST species. They eat insect larvae and other invertebrates that live in the roots of the plants that our native fish need to survive. We need to destroy carp so they don’t destroy our native fish and plants and ruin their habitat by making it very muddy .


Steps with their breeding
1. Eggs hatch into fingerlings
2. After a period of time the fingerlings grow into fish
3. Fish grow into a mature fish
4. The mature fish mate and the lifecycle starts again.

Murray Cod

The Murray Cod is a native fish to Australia and is big and strong. It is Australia’s largest freshwater fish. It is a predator to almost all fish as it is carnivorous. The Murray Cod eats baby carp which is a very good thing so if we had more Murray Cod we would have less Carp!

No Carp

Carp are an introduced species which means we have to destroy them because they destroy our native fish and plants. If we catch a Carp we cannot put it back in the river otherwise we will get a big fine!!!