Cockle Shell

DSC06534The Cockle Shell,also known as the Midden Shell is an occupation site where Aboriginal people left the remains of their meals. At some sites deposits grew over generations of use of the same area after many years. Midden Shells are leftovers from some shellfish,bones,birds,fish and land and river animals used for food. Over the years the erosion of the sand makes the shells visible.

“On the 31st of August 2017 my class and I travelled down to Lake Ranfurly and I found a Midden Shell. I didn’t know what it was or what was it called, so I decided to research it and I was curious and now I know all about it.It is also a coincidence because this week in NAIDOC week.”IMG_3552


Who named the Murray?

I have done some research about who named the Murray River in Mildura.
I found an Australian History book and looked for anything about the Murray River.  I soon found a page that had a title that read:

                       STURT ON THE MURRAY RIVER 

And under the title was a piece of writing that read:

On the 3rd of November 1829, Captain Charles Sturt and a group of men set out from Sydney to find out where all the west flowing rivers went.
The explorers carried pieces of a whale boat on one of their wagons.
On the 7th of January 1830, Sturt and seven other men began a journey down the Murrumbidgee River by boat.
They reached a big river on the 14th of January, 1830.
Sturt named it the Murray River.
Nine days later, they passed it’s junction with the Darling River.
Their journey was helped by the current as well as the use of oars and sails.
They reached the mouth of the Murray at Lake Alexandrina 33 days after their journey down the rivers began.

And that is how the Murray River got it’s name!