‘Forensic Poo Investigators’

In Canberra, the River Issues team went to the Murray Darling Basin Commission, International River Health Conference!
On one of the days out of the 3 days that we were there, we were split into groups and did about 3 different activities!
Kira and I were especially put into a group and we learnt about the Forensics of Poo as said in Kira’s blog!
Kira and I have worked on this project for quite a while now, and have made a plan to see Chaffey Secondary College, to ask if we would be allowed to use their science lab for our project.
Luckily, Kim Walder, my auntie, is now starting to work at Chaffey and will follow up on our project.
We will hopefully be able to go to Chaffey next week for our project!
If you have any ideas or questions, please leave a comment!
From Mikaela