Journey through the Stars


ResourceSmart Awards 2012

At the Melbourne Convention Centre

Presenting at the ResourceSmart Awards

On Friday 16th November we were proud to represent Mildura West at the ResourceSmart Conference/Awards at the Melbourne Convention Centre. We put on a play called ‘Journey through the Stars to show how we teach new people to our school about our environmental programs. The 5 stars are waste, water, energy, biodiversity and community partnerships. Everyone in the audience learnt something from our presentation . The hosts for the day were Kayne Tremills and Amberly Lobo from ABC3. It was fun to see them in real life! Our school was a finalist in two categories. Although we didn’t win either category we had lots of fun and met many people. We would like to thank our sponsors: Sustainability Victoria, Rex Airlines and our parents for making this trip to Melbourne possible.

Ebonee, Jack, Alanah, Lachlan C and Will Year 6.


Mildura West Student Action Team for ResourceSmart Schools Entry

We have loaded our PowerPoint to show what we do in Sustainability Ambassadors.


MWPS Community Leadership Programs

PowerPoint ResourceSmart entry for 2012 Awards.


Mildura West attends ResourceSmart Schools Awards

Written by Stuart, Office of Water

Forget the Xbox, on Friday 22nd October Etihad Stadium hosted over 350 of the most sustainable –minded students from Victorian primary and secondary schools.

 The annual ResourceSmart School Awards, which is run by Sustainability Victoria, recognise and reward Victorian schools, students and teachers for their initiatives and achievements in resource management; biodiversity, energy, waste, water and community partnerships. The Awards highlight over a decade of initiatives and achievements by Victorian schools in helping to create a sustainable future.

The winners of the 2010 ResourceSmart School of the Year Awards were announced on Friday 22nd October at a ceremony attended by over 350 students at Etihad Stadium.

 Environment and Climate Change Minister Gavin Jennings attended the ceremony and congratulated all the winners for their efforts in reducing their environmental impacts. The awards are a fun and inspiring way for students, as the leaders of tomorrow, to learn about their impact on the environment, and find creative solutions to everyday problems.

 Mildura West Primary School make the trek to Melbourne for their presentation: Mildura Chef: Food stuff from the Food Bowl, highlighting the importance of the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District (GMID) and irrigation modernisation.  The primary school students from Mildura West presented their version of MasterChef, with students acting out the role of chefs. The students chopped and prepared ingredients to make two recipes, Raw Sweet Corn Salad and Veggie Salad that used all locally made produce. The students then faced the daunting task of having their dishes ‘judged’ by Sustainability Victoria’s Anita Roper and Totally Wild TV Presenter, Natalie Hunter. “As both dishes were so good, the judges couldn’t decide and awarded a draw.

 Mildura West Primary School teacher, Marion Vorwerk explains that “Linking the classroom to the community and authentic issues enhances student learning. When preparing for ‘The Mildura Chef presentation’ the students made a realistic connection between the importance of water efficiency and the necessary production of a wide variety of foods in the food bowl. The Mildura Chef concept was a creative vehicle to engage and inform the audience about a serious issue; the paramount importance of protecting the food bowl. ”

Schools from across Victoria entered the awards which recognise excellence in waste, energy and water use and biodiversity enhancement. Twenty-five Victorian primary and secondary schools shared in cash prizes to the value of $53,200 to assist with their ongoing sustainability projects.


Master Chef Mildura

Jake, Sophie, Jenk, Kyle and Georgia represented Mildura West at the ResourceSmart Schools Awards in 2010.
What entertainment they provided for the audience with their cooking ability!


Mildura Chef at Etihad Stadium

Georgia the Co-host waiting to interview the Chefs: Jake and Sophie!

On Thursday 21st October 2010 Mrs.Vorwerk took Sophie, Jake, Jenk, Kyle and I to Melbourne for the ResourceSmart Schools Awards at Etihad Stadium. On Thursday night, after dinner at Nandos we had a run through and a final check to make sure we had everything we needed.

On Friday morning we walked across the street to Gate Nine at Etihad. We were in the Victory Room.  At 10:30am we started our presentation. Jake was Chef One and Sophie was Chef Two. Kyle was Chef Assistant one and Jenk was Chef Assistant two. I was the Co-host. Natalie Hunter (from Totally Wild) and Anita Roper (Sustainablity Victoria) judged Jake and Sophie’s dishes. Natalie liked Jake’s dish best and Anita liked Sophie’s, so it was a draw.

We watched other schools presentations and we won three awards.

Commendation in the Waste Smart School of the Year

Joint Winner: Community and Partnership Smart School of the Year Primary School: This involved the Rio Vista/johnson’s Bend Project,  Milk bottles to Furniture Project and attending Kids Teaching Kids Conferences.

Primary School Finalist (Rubbish Free Lunch Challenge)

I would like to thank our sponsors: Firestarter and the Office for Water. Thank you Stuart.


Mildura Chef!

Mildura West Master Chef Team sharing the importance of the Food Bowl

What recipe will be the best? Veggie Salad or Raw Corn Salad? Both yummy!


Community Partnership Smart School

What we do to be a Community Partnership Smart School!

We attend Kids Teaching Kids Conferences.

We collect milk bottles and then integrated Recyclers make these into outdoor furniture.

Milk bottles to outdoor furniture


22 x 2L bottles = 1kg of plastic. We need 125kg of plastic for a setting like this!

Then the other section is the Rio Vista/Johnson’s Bend Project where there are 5 Student Action Teams in YEAR 5/6


Jake’s recipe for the Mildura Chef competition

The food bowl produces one quarter of Victoria’s agricultural production and that is a wide variety of different vegetables. Jake prepared the following yummy recipe!

Mildura Chef – Foodstuff from the Food-Bowl

RECIPE : Raw Sweet Corn Salad
• 1 large ear of raw sweet corn
• 1/2 red bell pepper, chopped
• 1 large ripe tomato, diced
• Chopped parsley,
• 1 celery stalk, diced
• 1/4 cup sweet red onion, chopped

Directions: Wash all vegetables, remove kernels of corn from cob, dice tomato, dice celery, chop red pepper and onion, and chop the parsley. Combine in a bowl.

Hint: Raw corn on or off the cob is delicious. Simply clean, wash and enjoy!


VEGGIE SALAD prepared by Sophie

Here is the recipe for Veggie Salad that Sophie prepared for the Mildura Chef competition in Melbourne last week… As part of the presentation we had to show that farmers are water efficient when they are growing fruit and veggies.

Mildura Chef – Foodstuff from the Food-Bowl
Veggie Salad

• 1 medium cucumber, peeled
• 2 celery ribs, washed
• 1/2 head iceberg lettuce, rinsed
• 1 sweet red or green bell pepper, washed
• 2 medium carrots, peeled or scrubbed

Directions: Cut both ends from carrots and slice (the carrots, not the ends).
Thinly slice the cucumber and celery.
Cut the pepper in half lengthwise and remove seeds. Chop pepper.
Tear lettuce into bite sized pieces.
Combine all ingredients in a large salad bowl.


Rubbish Free Challenge and ResourceSmart Awards 2009

We were very lucky to be sponsored  to attend the ResourceSmart Ceremony in Melbourne. My letter also thanks the people that gave us the prize money. 

Mildura West Primary School

Ninth St.,

Mildura  3500

Date: 30th November 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for sponsoring us to go to the Rubbish Free Challenge/ResourceSmart Award Ceremony in Melbourne. Without your generous donation to cover the cost of the plane we would not have been able to attend.

I was excited to attend the function because I have not been in a plane for a long time and having so much fun looking out the window at the paddocks and people. It was also fun for me go up on stage and have a quiz. My favourite part of the function was when we got to go up on stage and accept the awards.

I learnt that everyone can help climate change but not everyone can do big things like solar panels or wind turbines but as kids we can think about this.

Some of the actions I will take to prevent climate change are: Take shorter showers, not leave the tap on while I am brushing my teeth 

One of the schools did a quiz and the first question was: “Do you scrunch or fold?” and it meant that if you scrunch you use more paper which means more trees getting cut down. 

 Some of the highlights for me were: The game show, where I got to go on stage with the Minister for Climate Change and the Environment – Minister Jennings (we came a draw with the other team). I got to press the buzzer which was a bike horn. The quiz was a lot of fun. Winning the awards was also one of my highlights. Thank you for the prize money. We have so many kids with so many ideas that we will be able to vote on the best ideas next year and make them happen.

Thank you once again for your kind sponsorship and the prize money. For me it was the opportunity of a life time.

Yours sincerely,



Flying off to the ResourceSmart Awards 2009

Rubbish Free Lunch Challenge Winner 2009

Rubbish Free Lunch Challenge Winner 2009

When we went to the ResourceSmart School Awards we won 2 of the categories. This is my letter of thanks for the sponsorship.

Mildura West Primary School

Ninth St.,

Mildura 3500

30th November 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for sponsoring us to go to Melbourne for the Rubbish Free Challenge and the ResourceSmart Awards. With your kind donation we were able to travel by plane and arrive safely. When we were flying we got to see the countryside and how beautiful it was from the air.

At the awards ceremony I learnt about other schools and what they do for the environment. There were so many different ideas and so many people involved. Sharing ideas helps us to think of new ideas for our school. That is all good for the environment. 

Cameron and I were members of the Game Show along with two students from Mill Park Secondary College. Minister Jennings was on our team. We had so much fun.

I believe you can stop Climate Change by:

*Turning off the lights when not in use

*Reducing the use of electricity

*Installing solar panels and wind turbines

*Using a recyclable cloth bag instead of plastic bags when shopping

If everyone just did a few things we could make a big difference.

There were so many messages in peoples’ presentations but the ones that stood out for me were:

*Do not waste water because it is a precious resource

*Look after our wildlife

*Make sure you use actions and not just words.

The highlights included Mildura West being announced as a winner of the Rubbish Free Challenge. We have so many people that are rubbish free everyday not just on Rubbish Free Wednesdays. Thank you for our prize money. We are hoping to get a new composting system as our compost bins are falling apart. Then it was announced that we were the winners of the Waste Wise ResourceSmart Schools Award. One of the things I enjoy is making pots out of newspaper, then the seedlings are put in the pots and the whole thing can be planted so we don’t disturb the roots and the newspaper holds the water.

I hope that everyone at home tries at least one thing to help Climate Change.

Thank you for your sponsorship and the prize money. It will help our school with some more projects.

Yours sincerely



Going to the ResourceSmart School Awards

     When we went to the Awards in Melbourne we decided to write a thank you letter to explain also what we had learnt. This is my letter to thank the sponsors.

Mildura West Primary School

Ninth St.,

Mildura 3500

30th November 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

On the 11th of November Mrs Vorwerk, Abbey, Cameron, Maya and I travelled to Melbourne by plane to attend the Resource Smart School Awards. Thank you for sponsoring us. Without your generous donations we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to attend the event. Thank you too for our prize money as we are always wondering how we can make some money to make sure our ideas work.

I learnt that other schools are environmentally friendly like we are and are trying hard to reduce their carbon foot print. Two of our students participated in a Game Show with Minister Gavin Jennings. Some questions were: How do you reduce your carbon foot print? What do you do to reduce climate change?

Some of the things that I will do to prevent climate change is: not to waste any of our precious water, turn lights off in unattended rooms and ride my bike to school instead of getting Mum to drive me.

One message that I took home with me from the Ceremony was that we are all working together to stop climate change and if we all keep working hard and teaching others, we will get the message across to everyone.

Some of the highlights of the trip for me were flying for the very first time. It was so exciting and unbelievable seeing everything on the ground from up so high.

Being involved in the ResourceSmart ceremony and getting handed our two awards made me very proud to be attending Mildura West.

We have a lot of environmental things happening at our school and it is fun to be involved in so many projects. The money we have won will help us keep the projects we have and help us look at some new ones.

Thank you once again. Having a chance to fly in an aeroplane and represent our school made me feel very privileged.

Yours sincerely



ResourceSmart School Trip to Melbourne

I was one of the people that represented our school at the ResourceSmart Schools Awards in Melbourne. This is my letter of thanks on behalf of our school.

Mildura West Primary School

Ninth St.,

Mildura 3500

30th November 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the ResourceSmart Awards in Melbourne. It is very important for everyone to learn about sustainability and the things we can all do to save our planet. Turning off taps and using lights only when necessary are easy things for everyone to do.  I hope that the next generation does this all automatically so we don’t have to remind everyone.

I especially liked receiving an orange Tupperware rubbish free lunch box as I am going to secondary college next year and will be able to use this and maybe show some of the people there how we can be rubbish free.

It was fun meeting so many different people at the Awards and finding out that many schools participate all doing lots of great things to help the environment. Sometimes I wish we were closer to Melbourne so we could visit some of the schools doing all their different projects and meet the kids involved.

I was so excited when our school was called out as one of the winners for the Rubbish Free Lunch because my job every Wednesday is to collate the information from all the classes so we don’t miss anyone. Then when we were called out as the winner of the Waste ResourceSmart School; I was even more excited because one of the things we did was to collect so many milk bottles to make a special seat at Rio Vista Park as a tribute for all the people that have had or have breast cancer. I was proud because I thought of this idea. Thank you so much for providing the prize as now we will be able to come up with many more ideas and more partnerships with our community.

Next year I hope Mildura West continues to be involved in ResourceSmart as I have learned so much over the 7 years I have been at the school.

Thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to travel to Melbourne to attend the Awards. It is something I will never forget.

Yours sincerely