Our visit to the Mildura Sun Festival

At the Mildura Sun Festival today we had:

The Year 3-6 choir singing ‘Viva Less Litter’,
Sam singing an environmental song as a solo
Our nesting box team explaining and constructing a nesting box in front of the audience
The royal spoon bill presentation
A water quiz using a PowerPoint
A presentation about fish ladders and resnagging
‘The Biggest Environmental Losers’ – Environmental Flows and all the stakeholders of the river
‘Gateways to the River’ Wetlands the kidneys of the River

and all of our Water Ambassadors sharing their designer games with a focus on water

What a fabulous day!


Mildura Sun Festival

Many students participated in the Mildura Sun Festival. Congratulations to all the teams of students involved. You all shared your learning about many different environmental topics enthusiastically. Thank you.