Nhill Camp – the Lodge


On the 12th to the 15th August 48 year 5 students
went to Whimpey’s Little Desert Nature Lodge.

We used 16 rooms. There was a girls side and a boys side. The
boy’s side faced the grass area where you could play ball games in
our free time. The girl’s side faced more rooms and some motel styled rooms.

There was a Common Room which had a table tennis table, a
television [which we sometimes watched the Beijing Olympics on]
and some tables that we put snack on.

Around the Lodge there were lots of different animals and birds. There
was an emu that came very close to the buildings. There was also lots
of kangaroos including one with a joey. We also saw lots of bandicoots.
When we first saw these we thought they were giant rats!


4WD Tour at the Nhill Camp


Reporters Abbey and Liam.
The 4WD tour at the Little Desert National Park. We headed out into the bush in six 4WD’s that fitted 12 people in each one. The 4WD’s were old ambulance cars from WW2. We needed 4WD’s because we had to go through mud, sand and scrub.

We learnt about plants, flowers, and different types of soils. Also, this place was where the army had practised dropping bombs. Our drivers told us about the war that happened many, many years ago. Together we had lots of fun.

Does anyone have any more details about the army story?


Bird Banding and Echidna Tracking

Reporters: Shantelle and Nathan

Bird Banding
I am explaining bird banding, one of the activities at the Grade 5 camp to Nhill. It was about to rain so we quickly checked the net to see if any birds had been caught. Then we ran to the shed because it was raining. So we got there and Graham, our tour guide, got a bird out. It was a White Plumed Honey eater. The other bird we saw was a Silver Eyed Honey Eater.

First Graham put a band on the bird’s leg. Then he measured the bird from head to beak, the tail and the wing span. The bird was weighed and we knew the band weighed 1.5g. So we had to use maths to work out how much the bird weighed. We needed to take off the weight of the band and then we had the right weight for the bird. Whoever got the bird’s weight correct got to release the bird back into the wild. I was lucky enough to free one of the the birds. It was fun.

Echidna Tracking
On the Grade 5 Nhill Camp we went echidna tracking. Before we went Graham had put a little tracker on an echidna. It was fairly small with a long antenna. We used a special machine to find the tracker on the echidna. We found it under some bark near a tree. It was really cute but it was half-asleep. Graham talked to us about it and then we got to hold it by its spines. It was spiky when we held it and it left little dots on our hands but it didn’t hurt. It was really fun!


Little Desert Nhill Grade 5 Camp.

Hello I recently got back from the fabulous Nhill Grade 5 camp. It was so awesome in fact let me tell you a little about it.

On the 12th of August 2008 the grade 5’s of Mildura West Primary School departed on a double decker bus for the 4 hour drive from Mildura to Nhill. We stopped for lunch at a park in Rainbow which is a small town. We then set off again. When we got to the Little Desert Nature Lodge we colletced our luggage, gathered in the Common Room and got told what room we were staying in. I was so excited.

Then we got to go bird banding. We banded a lot of white-plumed honey eaters. We then got to have free time. At around 5:30pm the Kitchen Duty group got assigned their jobs and then we had the most delicious dinner you ever had (Bert cooked up a very good storm!)

After that we had dessert which was apricot crumble with ice-cream!

The second day we got up at 7:00 am and had breakfast. We then departed for a very exciting 4-wheel drive tour of the Little Desert National Park. My driver was Alistar, he was really cool. He accidentally bumped into the back of Graham’s 4-wheel drive!

Some of the flora and fauna we saw were: Fire Heath, Brush Heath, Common Correa, and much, much more. We also built survival shelters out of wood, the rule was that you weren’t allowed to have any green otherwise you were disqualified, we got the score of 9 which was the best score of the whole year level! Goodsie even jumped on our shelter and it wouldn’t even collapse.

At 2:30pm we returned to the Lodge. We had free time, then had dinner; Roast beef and veggies with a dessert of strawberry sponge cake and home-made custard. Then half the year level went on the night nature walk, I was in that group, we saw 2 endangered orchids, 2 beach stonecurlers, 2 sugar gliders which are vicious during the day time! And we saw 2 Mallee Fowl – a male and a female, their mounds are huge! We fed some nocturnal animals such as bandicoots, brush tail possums and desert mice. We then went back to the Common Room and watched half of ‘Over The Hedge,’ then it was supper time. Every night we had milo and a biscuit.

We had 2 more exciting days that I will tell you about next time.
What did you think of the Camp? What did you learn?


Little Desert Nature Lodge Camp


The Little Desert Nature Lodge is located on the edge of the Little Desert National Park in western Victoria. It is approximately 16 km south of the town of Nhill.
For more information visit:

The Camp to the Little Desert was an amazing experience. Use persuasive text and any text form of your choice to convince other people they should visit this place in Australia!



On the 16th August, all of the grade 5’s on camp went on a four wheel drive tour.

After breakfast, all of the kids went to their group leader, Ms Hawtin’s group [which is my group] got split up. I went into group 1 which is Rebecca’s group. Each group got put into one truck.  
The trip was amazing!


Nhill Little Desert Nature Camp


Can you explain what it means?

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Do you think there are any similarities between these slogans?