What I learnt…Mildura Eco Village

I learnt how to save electricity and how they run the Eco Village. I learnt that we don’t need electrity.  I liked the idea of the future playground. It would be good to have for kids!

The Mildura Eco Village has an Education Centre so we can go there and get to ask lots of questions. If you want to go to the Eco  Village it is near the Mildura Landfill.



Good things about Mildura Eco Village

I learnt that we need to save energy I was a amazed by the plants that  were growing.


Plants at the Mildura Eco village

When we went to the Mildura Eco village where we learnt how to take care of the plants and how to keep plants fresh, We also leant how little things can make a ripple effect.


Mildura Eco Village is sustainable

I was fascinated about the playground that they have made.

i was amazed by the rock bed under the Eco house.

i leant about sustainability. There were so many new things to learn.