Reckless disposal of rubbish

People are disposing rubbish in peoples driveways! Has no one any care for the environment anymore?! This is not only illegal dumping but it is an inappropriate way to get a fine/sent to the big house/gaol!

Illegal dumping has many meanings:

1. Dumping illegally in other peoples’ rubbish bins.

2. Forgetting to put the rubbish out and taking the rubbish and dumping it in an area such as Lake Ranfurly or Johnson’s Bend.



Rubbish or gold?

IMG_1852Cha-Ching! People could have money in their pockets and a clean planet if they recycled. While 5P was down at Lake Ranfurly they found heaps of rubbish that could have been recycled from old jewellery boxes to car filters they found everything. Not only is recycling helping but dumping rubbish at the lake could cost you more than room in the bin. Beer caps and cans where a common sight at the lake which was really bad considering that someone or something could get seriously hurt or injured. Smashed beer bottles also pose a threat to people and animals because of how sharp they are and hard to spot because glass is mostly transparent.


Illegal Dumping … why would people do this?

Illegal dumping is ridiclulous! I cannot understand why poeple would even think to do this! It wastes time for many people. The people that have to clean it up and even the people that put it there – they have to drive there to do this!

It is a nusiance even for the wildlfe!


Illegal dumping affects habitats!

When the Enviro Team went  to Lake Ranfurly there was a lot of illegal dumping. Terry Kite from the Council was talking about illegal dumping and he said most of it comes from Jaycee Park.

Some of the rubbish was baby prams , lawn clippings ,TVs  etc. There was also bright yellow tape around the rubbish so people wouldn’t take the rubbish or dump more.

If you dump rubbish you can get a fine up to $62,500 that’s a lot to pay!

One good way to get people to stop illegal dumping is to make the fine bigger so then people have to pay and then they will stop because they have no money.Then they will realise how many people dump rubbish and that’s why the fine goes up and doesn’t stop going up because families keep on dumping.

Illegal dumping affects the habitats of animals. The Grey Falcon has been sighted at Lake Ranfurly.


Grey Falcon by Corey G