App Lake Ranfurly Birds and Plants by Mildura West PS


The Enviro Team has published their first app! Lake Ranfurly Birds and Plants by Mildura West PS.

Congratulations to the Enviro Team 2015! Your hard work has paid off! A wonderful resource for visitors to Lake Ranfurly!

Download it here:

Bird Article ResourceSmart


Recycled Milk Bottle Christmas Tree


???????????????????????????????Thank you to every family that decorated a milk bottle as part of National Recycling Week. There are some amazing milk bottles that have been transformed into many different things.

The Information Centre, 12th St has its usual ChristmasTree display. This year the theme is ‘RECYCLING’. Our Mildura West Christmas Tree is a unique and original design and is on display at the Information Centre, 12th St.  It is certainly well worth a visit to have a look and take a photo! Thank you to Robinson’s Plumbing for donating the pipe so we could make the tree.

Check out the ‘Tree’!??????????????????????????????? Magnos and frosty the snowman ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


Students ‘walk the walk’ on environment by Toni Brient


Active Schools Mildura West result Highly Commended

Sunraysia Daily Nov. 5, 2014, 3:30 a.m.
Link to Sunrasyia Daily

A STATEWIDE environment award judge has applauded Mildura West Primary School students for their “knowledge and

applauded: Mildura West students Caleb Ernst, Amilea McKerrow, Jakeb Donohue and Jorja Jessup. Picture: Toni Brient

The school was highly commended at last month’s Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria (KABV) Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities Awards.

While Myrrhee Primary School in the state’s north-east took out the Active Schools division, Mildura West and St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Beechworth were also recognised.

Mildura West received a glowing report from KABV’s Robbie Rae, who visited the region in June.

Ms Rae said she was “absolutely exhausted with excitement” when she left the school.

“Next time, if I have the privilege to visit your school, I will ask for a longer time to spend with you,” she told students.


Community Clean Up Day 2014

Thank you to our 2014 Team of Sustainability Ambassadors for representing our school today at Rio Vista Park. An immense Clean Up! Great job!P1090248P1090252 P1090246P1090264P1090258


Green Lane Diary Enviro Team Video

Video sent from the Enviro Team to the  Green Lane Diary Awards 2013

Enviro Team for Green Lane Diary from Mildura West on Vimeo.

On Tuesday the students in the Enviro Team will be viewing the Award Ceremony via livestream.

Here is the link:


Mildura West Primary School will receive an

Outstanding Class Achievement Award

Presented by Costa Georgiadis, from ABC’s Gardening Australia

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Queensland State Library, Auditorium 1, South Bank

The prize is a pair of flamingoes.

VID00128 from Mildura West on Vimeo.


Entry for the Green Lane Diary Competition.

I was asked to write a persuasive piece for the Green Lane Diary competition about the Enviro Blog.

Our School’s Enviro Blog is the best!

At our school we have an everlasting dedication to Science. To show or prove to visitors, mentors or anyone that Mildura West students and teachers help and know and take action in the environment, we have the Enviro Blog that plays a major role. Having this online facility helps us to improve our scientific knowledge where we can offer our own ideas, read others’ ideas, opinions and facts and also allowing us to add comments as well

Every week or fortnight, students from the Enviro Team, Sustainability Ambassadors or any of the Year 5 or six students add a quick summary or opinion of recent environmental excursions, events or scientific guest speaker visits to our school. We never cease to amaze Mrs. Vorwerk, our teacher, who is impressed by our ideas, actions, PowerPoints and comments that we add to the Enviro Blog.

The posts can be about the places we visit, things we have learnt in Science, a guest speaker, statistics about Ride2school or the Rubbish Free Lunch and Snack results. All of this proves how scientifically awesome we are and can inform visitors about the ‘sciency’ events that are occurring at our school.  We also add photos and people can learn from our posts by choosing any of the 97 different topics. These topics range from pollution to wetlands to issues that are serious in our environment. The Enviro Blog is like a history of environmental ideas from past students to present.  We don’t ever delete anything on the Enviro Blog.

Another reason why our school’s Enviro Blog is the best is that kids can add replies to other kids, parents can look at it and make a comment too and anyone can comment as it is on the world wide web!

 When we make replies to comments we have to show that we have read the post. We need to say something positive to the writer, offer an opinion whether we agree or disagree and back our idea with evidence and then ask a question to clarify something we might not be sure about or would like more information.

The Enviro Blog gives us, as students, a voice to say what we think and share the actions we take in the environment.


Drain Stencilling to help understand why we do not litter!

Drain Stencilling to help understand why we do not litter!

5C representing the Recreation Management Student Action Team at Johnson's Bend!

5C representing the Recreation Management Student Action Team at Johnson’s Bend!



Illegal Dumping…What a joke!

At Lake Ranfurly and other lakes there have been signs of illegal dumping.  If you dump green waste you could create a disaster. Green Waste can dominate the area where it has been dumped which means the plant could spread which would mean more prickly bushes and native plants will eventually disappear. With most major clean ups there has been up to 2.6 tons of rubbish around Lake Ranfurly. We need to stop this so how can you help?


Special Forever: Voices of the Children

Shelby's Water Message Poster 2012

Save our precious water

Save our precious water

Congratulations to Chloe Costa and Shelby Livens for having their visual art published on the local Special Forever website at:


Special Forever: Voices of the Children is an environmental awareness arts and writing exhibition, featuring the work of primary school students from the Mallee region in North West Victoria, Australia.We look forward to more students from MWPS having their visual art and writing published on this website during 2013.


5L Clean-up Australia Community Day


5L at Rio Vista Park for Clean-up Community Day

5L at Rio Vista Park for Clean-up Community Day

Fantastic job 5L representing Mildura West at Rio Vista Park last Thursday. Your enthusiasm was greatly appreciated and you made a real difference to the Park; removing unsightly rubbish.