5P helps Lake Ranfurly become a better place.

Raking the sand, plainting seeds, helping each other,digging everywhere, finding interesting things. On the 31st of August 5P went on an amazing trip to Lake Ranfurly. We were planting seeds  to block the roads that people made without permission. Firstly we put in special dirt to in a bucket with a bunch of indigenous seeds then we raked sand and then planted the seeds and then we raked over the seeds again.


5P best trip!

At Lake Ranfurly, we had to get gloves , buckets, a shovel, native seeds and dirt  and then mix them together. Then we had to go and find a bald patch of ground to plant the seeds then cover them with dirt. And then go and do some more.


5P Amazing Trip

All we need to disperse seeds is shovels,rakes,gloves,buckets and seeds> You start of with a bucket and go and find an area with really nice dirt and you put a little bit in a bucket and add seeds. You can add as many as you want then grab some gloves and a rake go find a bald patch and rake backwards and forwards then stop. Then bend down low and sprinkle the seeds over the ground and then rake over it again. Then hopoefully it will rain and the seeds will germinate!


Breaking down the jump


With shovels and rakes attacking the jump we began breaking it down. The problem with the jump being there was that it was an inviting place for bike riders. When the bike riders went over the jump they were landing and killing some very special native vegetation. By the end of the trip the jump was no longer a jump it was a log in the middle of the track. We also sprinkled some seeds by raking the ground then spreading seeds and then raked the ground again. It was a great experience and I’m sure we all had fun.



Benefits of the Mildura Eco Village

I learnt to take more care of the environment and not waste power and recycled stuff more often.

I think the future playground is going to be very good and safe for the environment.

I was fascinated about the Rock Bed in the little Eco House it was very cool.

Something I didn’t like was how the Eco Village was next to the landfill.



Taking care of the environment!

I learnt to take more care of our environment.

I was fascinated by how many people care about the environment.




Research Interview with my Nan…


Environmental Change by Jack


Environmental Questions by Hollie



Down by the river as I hear

Water lapping the edge up there and here

I spot some rubbish from afar

Its sunset and I can see the stars.


As I awake in the morning

I’m still a bit tired and am yawning

I look out my tent window

To see the destruction of the litter

I sniff and smell the dust in the air

And a taste of something bitter.


Trees chopped off, animals dying

I can feel the tears about to fall out of my eyes

Teardrops fall all on my face

My heart throbs and I feel like a disgrace

Oh how, I live in amazing grace

I will, I promise, I shall re-create this place.


Research about Environmental Change!


Environmental Change by Jamaya