Mildura Weir pulled out to let the water run through

The Mildura weir is being removed this week to accommodate higher than normal river flows. Whilst the weir is often pulled out for ongoing maintenance, this is the first time in a long time that it has been pulled out just to let water run through.

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Mildura Weir Pool and Lock to be closed from 30th March.

Will the removal of the weir have any effect on the native fish or carp in the Murray River?

Sunraysia Weir Pool Operations – Mildura and Euston Weirs

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority advised today that the Mildura Weir pool and lock will be temporarily closed from 30 March 2012.
Due to the major rainfall event of the last few weeks, flow at Mildura is expected to rise above 42,000 ML/day in the coming weeks. At this level the weir must be removed to allow the river to flow freely.
The weir pool will be lowered from 30 March and the weir trestles will be removed from 2 April to 4 April 2012. River levels will then continue to rise until the peak arrives around mid April.

Once fully removed, the lock will remain closed, however navigation via the river will be possible.
The weir will be reinstated and the pool level raised to the normal operating level of 34.4 m AHD once flows in Sunraysia recede, currently expected to occur after 15 April

The MDBA also advises that Euston Weir will be unnavigable once flows at Euston reach 50,000 ML/day. This is currently forecast to occur in early to mid April and may persist for some weeks.
Over the coming weeks, the Murray-Darling Basin Authority will continue to issue further advice via the MDBA’s Weekly Report which can be viewed at