5/6E to Johnson’s Bend

On 16th June MWPS’s 5/6E went down to Johnson’s Bend and started to plant some plants. MWPS set a record for planting trees in 1 hour. There were lots of dead fish that really stunk. They were mostly carp that cannot be put back in the River. Then we went to the the Native Nurseryto learn about native plants and different types of soil.


Trip to Johnson’s Bend

Vandalism at Johnson's Bend

On Thursday, we 5/6B (Recreation Management Student Action Team 2011) went down to Johnson’s Bend.

 We saw how much the floods affected the place, but most shockingly, we also saw what affect humans have in the bush. The ground was covered with dead fish and litter. Bollards had even been pulled out! We found that somebody had partly burnt one of the red gum wooden bollards. Also, we saw what looked like an illegal yabby trapping container.

Rabbits also have a huge affect on the environment, after the floods, the rabbits made huge marks in the ground where the dirt was still wet, their feet made deep marks in the dirt.

There were many weeds and these affect the plants majorly. They need to be exterminated, pulling them out seems like the only solution to me as spraying them could affect the other plants.

Visitors seem to be on a path to destruction, because the place is a mess, signs are broken, bollards have been pulled/dug out of the ground and there’s a lot of dog droppings. 

We definitely need to do something about this!


5/6B visit to Johnson’s Bend

To wash sign to see if it has been damaged by the floods

To repair bike sign and stand it up in the ground

On Thursday 5/6B travelled to Johnson’s Bend and saw many disasters caused by the floods earlier this year. Ever since the river has dropped down the banks have been slippery and mud has slipped into the river. There were many smelly dead fish and also vandalism. There was grafitti on some of the trees and bollards had been deliberately pulled out of the ground. Some bollards had come loose because of the floods and were all wobbly so they need to be fixed up. I hope we can help fix Johnson’s Bend so people enjoy visiting it.


Dead fish

On Thursday all of 5/6B went to Johnson’s Bend.

When I got there the first thing I saw was dead fish, too many of them

 on the ground!

I really wonder what has happened to the fish? Would it be caused by the floods? Or would the fish have died because of humans?


Johnson’s Bend and the Recreation Management Team 2011

The weather on Thursday 5th May 2011 , was just right for 5/6B to set off to Johnson’s Bend Sandbar.
The purpose of the visit was:
• To collect data about recreation management at Johnson’s Bend for further ideas and placement of for example: bollards so the land is protected from erosion
• To check the recreational seating to decide the placement of further seats.
• To check the signs at Johnson’s Bend to see that there is enough information for people using the park
• To collect data about the movement of traffic and decide if there should be another purpose built track for cycling/walking/running.
• To check on the health of the plants, planted in 2010, noting if there are any that need to be replaced
• To learn about the purpose of a riparian zone and its importance to a river.
• To check evidence of litter or graffiti that can harm the ecosystems at Johnson’s Bend.

We can look forward to hearing more from 5/6B about their field trip!