Issues to compare with Powell Butte in Oregon USA: ENVIRO TEAM

These are some of the environmental issues the Powell Butte Community has to work out in their community. Can you make any comparisons with our community and enevironment?

Research one of the issues mentioned below and include this in the next letter to your USA e-pal! 

From Shelly Albers: Global Partnership Teacher

The tiny community of Powell Butte, it is located between Redmond and Prineville, Oregon, so you may want to look up those towns as well. Cool fact: the town of Prineville is the new host for the Facebook servers.  The building is amazing!

We have the following Issues in Powell Butte:

Educating our community on water usage…how to conserve.
Golf Courses: Our community is a resort area with lots of golf courses and there are issues with high water usage.
Recreation: litter (trash), respecting protected areas
Preventing erosion, planting vegetation
Juniper Trees – they take up a TON of water, and we have too many.
Salmon population – building fish ladders to increase population

Rivers to look up: Deschutes River, Crooked River (Powell Butte is southeast of where the two rivers join), and the Columbia River (Deschutes flows into this…flows toward the Pacific, creating a border between Washington and Oregon).