Simple ways to save energy!

1. Wear a jumper instead of turning the temperature up on a heater.

2. Turn lights of when leaving a room.

3. Close curtains to leave the heat and cold out.

4. Turn power points off when not in use.

5. Turn off all appliances at the power points and where possible pull out the cords.


Using environmentally friendly transport!

What a good idea to walk and ride more!

If you do this you will save the environment by not using as much fuel which will also save your money you won’t let off as much exhaust gas and smoke.

I would like to try and get my family to walk and ride around instead of driving everywhere because I love to ride my bike and I want everyone to ride around more often to save the environment and you can also save money for fuel.


Do More With Less! What a great idea!

On the 19th of March, the Enviromental Team went to a Conference which was called Do More With Less. At the Conference we talked about ways to save energy and ways to reduce the amount we use in our every day lifestyle. On the day we got put in teams and rotated in activites. My favourite activity was where we had to ride a bike which would power diffierent household appliances. I also liked listening to the other schools ideas about ways they save energy in their schools.


Be aware of what you do and how it affects the environment!

I had a super fun time. I never knew we had so many ideas to help the world. I really love how many schools told us how their school helps the environment. I forgot how just by driving  around in a car it ‘kills’ the environment with the exhaust fumes! So my goal this year is less driving for my family and more riding!


Eco Living Centre

Our visit to the Mildura Eco Village showed us many ways we can save resources.

Where is it?

It is found off Ontario Avenue on the land between the Mildura landfill and Mildura Golf Course.

The facts!

What are sustainable design features?

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The Education Centre includes the following sustainable design features:

  • The Education Centre is a 9 star rated
  • The materials used were chosen to reduce the embodied energy of the building
  • Passive solar, energy efficient architecture appropriate to semi arid region
  • Natural daylight is used to reduce electricity usage, and energy efficient lighting is used throughout.
  • Double glazing used on external doors and windows.
  • Water collection, conservation and reticulation
  • Solar energy for power and hot water


National Tree Day 2013


Planting for the future!

Planting for the future!

Actions speak louder than words! Well done Sustainability Ambassadors! 75 trees/shrubs/.ground cover planted!


GreenHouse Games

Congratulations Kyle for winning the Bunnings voucher. Your story makes a great read. This story was sent in by Kyle of Mildura West Primary School in Week 2 of the GreenHouse Challenge:

Blind Faith

In week 2 my family and I installed thick blinds. So far the blinds are wonderful and I’m always warm now. It keeps out the cold and keeps in the warm, and it can be used to keep the warm on the outside and keep the cool on the inside. I think blinds are great. Hope you install some too!