How radioactive waste is created

Radioactive waste (or nuclear waste) is a material that is no longer useful that has been contaminated.   Radioactive waste has been created by humans since the discovery of radioactivity in 1896 by Antoine Henri Becquerel. Since World War II, radioactive waste has been created by military weapons production and testing; it has been created by mining and many other things.

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This type of waste dump will damage hundreds and thousands of peoples families  but it will hurt the Muckaty people more. It will be dump on their land toxic waste and will effect them in many different ways; polluting the air and the water. The radioactive waves can  travel even 3000 kilometres through heaps and heaps of towns effecting lots of people and their families. The worst thing about it is nobody can see it. People don’t want to lose their lives after they have grown up strong and healthy. They also don’t want to lose their dreams and goals. Many people don’t want this, so please STOP!

Written by Sopee and Morgan.


Nuclear FreeWays

It was really great that the girls could come, but to hear about what the government is doing really made me think. Next thing you will know is you will have a 3 eyed goldfish! So try to spread the word and help save Muckaty from having a toxic waste dump.