Water Week Poster

???????????????????????????????I liked doing my Water Week poster because I incorporated outside leaves,grass and bark to make an amazing 3D picture. My message was to wash cars on grass to water it and not to waste water on your concrete.


Water week poster info!

Although many students created their posters on paper, I decided to do something different and make it digitally. I did this because I excel in digital drawing much higher than I do in physical drawing, that and I enjoy it more! The poster’s idea is to show the goddess of nature (Greek philosophy), scolding the reader for wasting natural resources that may become rare and precious in the far future, like water and energy. I decided on this idea since I love drawing my own ideas for gods and goddesses, and I figured if there was a Goddess of nature, she would probably be angry at us for wasting resources!

This is what the Goddess says:

“Listen up, MORTALS! I, the amazing Goddess of nature, has decided to be generous and give you a warning. ONE. You know, water? I made the stuff, along with EVERYTHING ELSE! It’s tiring work, keeping everything in check, I hope you realize that! Not to mention how humans sell MY creations for money! However, if things continue at this rate, wasting water and energy like no tomorrow, there WILL be no tomorrow, if you get what I mean! Flowers will wilt, animals will die, and it’ll be ALL YOUR FAULT! Save water, and save the world, got it??”



Here are some good ways to save water

-Put a bucket under the shower
– When running a bath, put the plug in before turning the water on, then adjust the temperature as the bath fills up.
-Sometimes you don’t need to water the garden, check to see how moist the soil is first
-Put an ice-cream container underneath the bubble taps them water the garden
– Make sure you adjust your sprinklers so only your lawn is watered and not the house!

There are many things we can do to save water!


Water Wise

 Water is the best

But pollutants cause a mess

So give our water a rest

Keep bad publicity out of the ‘press’.

Don’t dump your rubbish

Take it with you; it’s not that hard

Or we won’t have any fish

I’m sure we don’t need a guard

We can easily change our ways

Help clean up the river banks

Or we’ll have no water for the rest of our days

And we’ll think

Today’s our day

To change our ways.



Water Saving is very important so everyone no matter where they are or what they do should consider water saving. Everyone can think of ways to make a difference and show everyone that every drop counts.