Just Eat It Film!

I found the Just Eat It Film very interesting because it was very surprising that that much food has been wasted. In a household an average amount we waste $2,200 dollars just in food waste.


Illegal Dumping…What a joke!

At Lake Ranfurly and other lakes there have been signs of illegal dumping.  If you dump green waste you could create a disaster. Green Waste can dominate the area where it has been dumped which means the plant could spread which would mean more prickly bushes and native plants will eventually disappear. With most major clean ups there has been up to 2.6 tons of rubbish around Lake Ranfurly. We need to stop this so how can you help?


Our Waste Slogon

Don’t leave a trace by leaving your waste by everybody who did it.

Pick up your waste or else we will find you no matter what!!!


Radioactive Waste Effects

Hi everyone, its Joshua. I’m here to tell the effects of Radioactive Waste. When pregnant women come in contact with radioactivity, they lose their baby or it can be deformed and the women may very well lose their lives. It can give anyone cancer especially skin cancers. Being in contact with some radioactive wastes can cause abnormality in some organs. Radioactive wastes may also cause burns on the skin [called radium poisoning.] Being exposed to radioactive waste is dangerous!


Radioactive Waste

What is Radioactive Waste

Radioactive waste just like any other waste and end up in our waterways and cause lots of problems for everyone and everything!


Radioactive Waste


Radoactive waste is something

that we have trouble getting rid of. Whoever wants to use it should have to work out first how to get rid of it!


Radioactive waste is not a good thing!


It is something that is left over after making nuclear energy and it can hurt people and animals and the environment if it is not disposed properly.

There are many different effects on everything that lives and it is usually very harmful!


Say NO to radioactive waste!

RADIOACTIVE WASTE is not easy to get rid of. Sometimes it is buried deep in the ocean. I am wondering how it affects the creatures that live in the ocean? At some stage it will start to leak, then what!


Nuclear Waste

Last week Friends of the Earth visitors  from Melbourne came to teach all the year 5/6’s about nuclear waste. Some of the questions we had to answer were: What is radioactive waste and this is what I answered it is waste that is harmful, we can’t see the radioactivity or smell it. It is dangerous.


Nuclear freeways

The Aboriginal people at Muckaty are in big trouble. Radioactive waste fills the air without us even knowing and will contiminate their only way of surviving.



Electronic waste (or e-waste) is growing at three times the rate of household waste. Yet there is still no national scheme to deal with it. In the run up to the November meeting of all Australian Environment Ministers, we ask – Who do you think should be responsible for covering the cost of recycling old computers, TVs, mobiles and other e-waste?

What do you do with your e-waste?

Can we recycle e-waste in Mildura?
Check out the following website for the answer…


Water Quality

When we talk about the meaning of regulated in USA it means: controlled or governed according to rule or principle or law

In the U.S., all surface and ground water bodies are regulated not only by federal (national) water quality standards but also by state standards.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is the key federal regulating agency, and the New Mexico Environment Department is the state regulating agency here in New Mexico.  

In general, state standards are tougher than federal standards.  Each water body (e.g., river, lake, etc.) is assigned one or more particular uses.  Often there are multiple uses of a water body, and the decision as to how the water body is used is  based on factors such as location, geology, what the water is used for (e.g. drinking, boating, swimming, habitat, etc).  

 The Rio Grande has many uses and those particular uses  vary along the course of the river.  Each water body is tested regularly and must meet the state and federal standards for all the particular uses it has.

  Municipal wastewater effluent is also regulated so that the quality of the water put back into the river matches the quality of the river immediately upstream and downstream.

Do you have any water that is returned to the river? How does this happen?



Rubbish free schoolground?

We have a problem. Our recycling in the 240L bins is contaminated. What does this mean?

Do you think it would be a good idea to take all of your recycling home every day? So whatever you bring in, in your lunch box goes home. That way we will not have contaminated recycling.

What do you think? Comments please.