Mildura Etiwanda Welands


European Carp a real problem!

European Carp Must Get Out! by Thomas


First day

Thomas and Nick from the Pest Busters Student Action Team locate some prickly pear that has to be eradicated!

My first day at Girton was really cool I had 2 tests,  Music,  Choir,  Swimming and French.  It was awesome!!

Hello Thomas,

Great to hear you are enjoying your new school. I learnt French – you will find this a very interesting language to learn and speak. You might be able to give us some environmental tips so we continue to improve our sustainable actions at West.

Mrs. V


Mini Fete [Catch It]

The Mini Fete was hard but  Totally Awesome !!! As you might have noticed I was running the stall Catch It. After the mini fete had finished the groups had to clean up their area where they had been running the store. My group Catch It took in $74 -$19-$5 wihich made a profit of $50. We had to recycle what we could after the fete.