Littering issues

The issue of littering has been going on for a while now and it needs to stop! Once is enough to tell you that you do not litter. Are you going to change the world? No. Are you going to help animals? No. So what’s the point. Because you’re too lazy. Stop with this disgraceful behaviour. The environment is never going to get better with an issue like this. Thank you and please be persuaded to do the right thing with your litter!


Save the Environment

We need to save the environment.

Keep plastic bags away from our animals and our dirty water away from plants. We need to start helping things like animals and plants, the earth and us humans too.

Not just animals but us. We need to have some responsibilities around our world,where we live or health won’t stay for long. WE NEED TO HELP ANY WAY WE CAN SO GET UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!