Last day at West!!!

Hey Guys,

I know this really isn’t about the environment and stuff but, I just wanted to say I miss everyone, and thanks to Mrs. Vorwerk for teaching me and putting me in the Environmental group, I enjoyed my time at West and I miss everybody there.

I hope you guys have a great time, I was¬†gonna put in some pictures but I don’t have permission.


Thanks to everyone who helped me at West and I miss you all. ūüôā


Kristina. xxx


Look at this Resource Smart Schools website

Check this link out for Mildura West kids! 


Fishing with Dad

Last year around August sometime I went fishing with my blind Dad. It was amazing what my Dad could do, he could bait the hook, cast out the line and set everything up.

I had lots of fun as I hadn’t been fishing for 3 years but I was excited. Dad asked me to pack the supplies like food, drinks, fishing box and some other fishing supplies. I had to pack twisties,¬† sandwiches, nesquik, tackle box, fishing rods and some other important things.

My Mum then dropped Dad and I off at the Murray River. We unpacked and then started fishing. After about one hour we heard a boat and a guy came up to us and asked us if he could park his boat where we were fishing. I was annoyed because I was having such a great time.

Then we found a nice spot on the Mildura Wharf . We fished for ages there but unfortunatley we didn’t catch any fish at all! So we just threw the rest of the green prawns into the water and then the fish came up and ate them I was really annoyed but happy at the same time.

The next time I go fishing I am going to stay perfectly still (Maybe if I can) OK goodbye for now.


Dog Leash Law

 I am very concerned and upset to see that the Dog leash law has not been put in place yet in all public places in Mildura. I hope that you decide to put it in place as since you keep deciding not to enforce the law  there have been 168 dog attacks between the years 2004 and 2007.

 I understand that dogs need to have some exercise. But they wreck local gardens and parks. People get angry about that.

We need to do something for all public places. 


A day at Wallpolla Island.

On the 22nd of July I went to Wallpolla Island which is north of Merbein in Victoria, Australia. It was great fun. We saw rabbit and kangaroo faeces showing us the evidence that there were intoduced species, rabbits and Australian Animals, kangaroos even though the area is in drought conditions.

It was such a cool place. However some people picked up some shotgun shells and that means humans have been out there shooting. It also means that this litter could blow into the creek, lagoon or the Murray River.

We had lunch near Dedman’s Creek and Horshoe Lagoon and it was upsetting to see such a lot of litter lying around. A group of us stayed behind and sensibly picked up the litter and put it in the bin.

We saw many sad sights with the old River Red Gums dying and many beautiful sights such as Horseshoe Lagoon. You need to visit Wallpolla Island to see it for yourself.


Little Desert Nhill Grade 5 Camp.

Hello I recently got back from the fabulous Nhill Grade 5 camp. It was so awesome in fact let me tell you a little about it.

On the 12th of August 2008 the grade 5’s of Mildura West Primary School departed on a double decker bus for the 4 hour drive from Mildura to Nhill. We stopped for lunch at a park in Rainbow which is a small town. We then set off again. When we got to the Little Desert Nature Lodge we colletced our luggage, gathered in the Common Room and got told what room we were staying in. I was so excited.

Then we got to go bird banding. We banded a lot of white-plumed honey eaters. We then got to have free time. At around 5:30pm the Kitchen Duty group got assigned their jobs and then we had the most delicious dinner you ever had (Bert cooked up a very good storm!)

After that we had dessert which was apricot crumble with ice-cream!

The second day we got up at 7:00 am and had breakfast. We then departed for a very exciting 4-wheel drive tour of the Little Desert National Park. My driver was Alistar, he was really cool. He accidentally bumped into the back of Graham’s 4-wheel drive!

Some of the flora and fauna we saw were: Fire Heath, Brush Heath, Common Correa, and much, much more. We also built survival shelters out of wood, the rule was that you weren’t allowed to have any green otherwise you were disqualified, we got the score of 9 which was the best score of the whole year level! Goodsie even jumped on our shelter and it wouldn’t even collapse.

At 2:30pm we returned to the Lodge. We had free time, then had dinner; Roast beef and veggies with a dessert of strawberry sponge cake and home-made custard. Then half the year level went on the night nature walk, I was in that group, we saw 2 endangered orchids, 2 beach stonecurlers, 2 sugar gliders which are vicious during the day time! And we saw 2 Mallee Fowl – a male and a female, their mounds are huge! We fed some nocturnal animals such as bandicoots, brush tail possums and desert mice. We then went back to the Common Room and watched half of ‘Over The Hedge,’ then it was supper time. Every night we had milo and a biscuit.

We had 2 more exciting days that I will tell you about next time.
What did you think of the Camp? What did you learn?