What would we find at Lake Ranfurly?

I didn’t know where the end of the dirt track went, but every step I took my shoes got muddier and muddier! The dirt track looked exactly like Nhill Camp all those memories were coming back. When you got closer to the Lake the smell of salt got stronger. We had to wear yellow fluoro vests just in case somebody got lost. 

Cath explained what we had to do. We got right into it. Pig Face covered the ground and you had watch everystep you took not to step on a plant. There were lots of abandoned things on the dirt: drink bottles, dead fox heads, very old cans and even mud covered socks. Once we had finished the Data collection it was exactly time to leave. On the way back the track never seemed to end but before we knew it, we were lined up ready to get back to school. When we got back to school it was only 2 minutes until we could go home.

It was an interesting trip.


Clean Up Day 5/6 A

On Friday the 12th of March we had a Clean Up Day,

5/6 A went out with a big white plastic bag and everyone had one glove.

The gloves were very hard to get on and made your hand sweat a lot.

We went from our classroom to the start of the oval.

Some of the people from our class went out of the front of the school to pick up rubbish that had either flown out of the school, people that walk past threw, or some people just littered.

At the end of the Clean Up Day our class clean up bag was nearly half full. We will be having a Clean Up Day on the 26th of March because it is the last day of Term 1.

Because most of the people had been having free choice lunch orders, I hope that everyone cleans up their rubbish and it would be great if you helped out if you see a piece of rubbish, pick it up.

Thank you for reading about our 5/6 A Clean Up Day.


Rubbish Free Wednesdays

Every Wednesday we have Rubbish Free Wednesday.

Every class tries to use reusable objects to store their lunches and snacks.

Two people come around to the classrooms to count how many people had a rubbish free snack and lunch.

There isn’t allowed to be any rubbish in your lunch or snack.

We are hoping there will be more people next term being rubbish free.


Think about the future!

We have a Rubbish Free lunch every Wednesday because one day there will not be enough resources to make the things we normally use every day. We have a chance to change how we live and make the planet more rubbish free. So its your chance to start to change by having a rubbish free lunch. There are a lot of people that have a rubbish free lunch every day at our school.

REUSE: Reuse recyclable things like zip lock bags and plastic containers. Buy containers that you can reuse every day.

REDUCE: Reduce the amount of packaging that we use.

RECYCLE: Recycle fruit boxes, cardboard boxes, newspapers and paper.

RETHINK: Rethink about what bins you can use to reduce waste and buy less packaging so you don’t have any rubbish going to the landfill.