Why We Should Clean Up Australia!

We need to clean up Australia fast! Imagine walking down the rubbish filled streets, how disgusting would that be! Its very simple to throw something in the bin, you first take your rubbish go over to the bin and just throw it in! THAT SIMPLE! We need to start getting into the habit and doing the right thing and throwing it in the bin. We don’t want to be in a rubbish filled country don’t we? That’s we need to clean up Australia.


Aroundagain and Mildura Landfill Excursion

Going to Aroundagain and Mildura Landfill was a great experience.

I found it interesting learning about what to recycle and not. At the Mildura Landfill I loved the mattress hill I just wanted to jump on it!! I loved seeing all of the cool and beautiful stuff at Aroundagain. I was really amazed about the facts. I wish I could go on that excursion again.