Buy eco-friendly bags!

If you buy the green eco friendly bags for $1.00 each in the end it will end up cheaper than buying plastic bags because 10 cents for a small bag and 20 cents for a big bag sounds cheap but in the end it will start adding up to more than just buying eco-friendly bags. If you don’t want to go to the shop and just buy a lot of them then just buy one every time you go to the supermarket you only need about 10 or 14 because the people at the cash register pack a lot of things into each bag. My family and I only have 11 and sometimes we have some left over from doing the groceries because they pack so many items into 1 bag. So please just think about buying ONE next time you go to the shop.


Murray River down low!

Last year in June , 2008 when the weir was removed for maintenance and the water turned back to its natural state it shocked many that the water was very low. It  looked like we were heading into one of the most serious shortages of water ever. My family and I were amazed by the state of the river. We ended up taking a lot of pictures and staying at the river for hours.

What was even more amazing was the amount of rubbish that was tucked up in all the sand and dirt. There were glass beer bottles, millions of cigarette butts, rubber, marbles and many other things. Once the water rose again that pollution would soon harm our waterlife.

Another location we visted the water was down low; it was about 3 metres further down than usual. You couldn’t walk down to the water because it was very steep and rocky but what I noticed was some yucky, yellowish creamish coloured frothy foam sitting on top of the water in some places. It was revolting.

It just goes to show that our weirs do keep parts of our river in a healthy state and that we should stop polluting our waters.


Dogs on leashes issue!

Directed to the Mildura Rural City Council:

Hello, I am a young girl named Shavonn and am very concerned to see that the dog leash law has not been enforced yet. It is very disappointing to see that you keep deciding not to put this law in place.

Some dogs that aren’t on leashes wreck our natural habitat because they are pooping everywhere, we don’t want them to do this. Keeping a dog on a leash is simple but bringing in this new dog leash laws will help even more pushing people to keep dogs on leashes.

 I would also like to see this law put in place at Rio Vista Park. When dogs poop all over the park when they are free and it rains the poop washes into our river and wrecks its good, healthy condition.

 Many other people are also upset that this law hasn’t been put in place for many reasons especially for the reason when they are free they bite more people as in Sunraysia Daily Saturday September 27 2008 it says “Dog attacks saw 168 Mildura visits to the hospital emergency department between 2004 and 2007” which means these dogs that are free get put to sleep which is not a very happy situation for the dog bite victim, the dog owner or the dog.

Also people don’t realise all the dogs that aren’t on leashes could get into aggressive fights with other dogs which ends up hurting both dogs in the end.

As you can see it is a very smart move to put this law in place in public places and parks. 


Blogging is interesting!

Today my class 5/6D have been blogging on the MWPS Enviroment Blog. I know that blogging can be about anything and the topics for this blog are anything to do with the environment. This blog is on the world wide web so anyone can read it and make a comment. I think we can learn lots from blogging especially if there are comments from people all over the world. I had fun leaving feedback. I saw some really good work about all sorts of environmental topics.


Waste Wise Mini Fete

A waste wise event is an event that is rubbish free and makes sure there is not any littering happening and plastic bags aren’t used.

Some things you would need to plan would be advertising and what needs to be brought along by customers and visitors.

  • Posters with information of when the event is, where the bins will be, what you would need to bring and what time it will be on.
  • Emails with the same information that is on the posters.
  • Computer ads showing that it will be a waste wise event.
  • Newsletters going out to parents and students showing that it will be rubbish free and that no plastic bags will be used.

Customers attending the waste wise mini fete would need to know where the fete will be, what time it will be on, what they will need to bring in order for this event to be waste wise and where the bins will be located.

You would let people know it would be a waste wise event by advertising.

You would need to tell the customers that would be coming to the event and other people that might be interested from the community. You would need to tell teachers, students, parents and even grandparents.

Thank you for your enquiry… when you organise a waste wise event you do have to fill out a form to have a waste wise event. On the form there are things to fill out such as event name, date(s) of the event, your organisation name and some other information.