Campfires Not Properly Extinguished!

My poem was about campfires not being properly extinguished. It was a real life experience when we were camping down at Jonson’s Bend. When we started putting on the small twigs and leaves there was some wispy smoke. This is what inspired me to write my poem about campfires not properly extinguished!

In conclusion my poem is based on a personal experience and is a Free Verse Poem.

Campfires Not Properly Extinguished


Think about your actions!

There are too many people breaking the bollards so they can drive closer to  Lake Ranfurly so they don’t have to walk back so far to get to the car.We need to get rid of all the broken bollards and replace them with new ones. People need to repsect the areas they drive to.

I think we should get some more picnic tables for people to rest food and drinks on because if they leave them on the ground they will get dusty and maybe people will just walk away and leave their rubbish there!

Rubbish also causes problems for the habitats for birds at Lake Ranfurly.

Laughing Kookaburra by Jonah