Leave my home alone!

For my poem I chose the issue, habitat loss.

I wrote it from the view of an orangutang. I choose to write a poem with four lines because it was simple and I think that you only need to get a message across to people, the simpler the better!

Georgia Poem


What 5L did at Rio Vista Park on Thursday 28th Feb!

We were picking up bits and pieces of rubbish and anything else that was lying around that wasn’t meant to be there. My group and I had lots of fun searching around Rio Vista Park for rubbish to help keep the commuity looking nice and clean. We found lots of stuff that we didn’t expect to be there: we found a stubbie holder, a pizza box, two lighters and mulitple glass bottles. And by the time we had finished Rio Vista Park was much cleaner and there was less rubbish than when we got there.