Mildura Weir pulled out to let the water run through

The Mildura weir is being removed this week to accommodate higher than normal river flows. Whilst the weir is often pulled out for ongoing maintenance, this is the first time in a long time that it has been pulled out just to let water run through.

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To the Adelaide Kids Teaching Kids River Conference 2011 Organisers

My favourite part about the Conference was that the activities were “hands on” and you didn’t have to listen to the workshop people talk all of the time.

Secondly, they were entertaining to listen to and not boring. My favourite activity was the “Solar Seat” because it was a question & answer game. It was fun because I learnt a lot about the Solar Panels and where they were in the world.

Thirdly, the botanical gardens were awesome! Because they were, “hands on” too. My favourite activity again was the one where you were looking for little bugs and water critters.

Yours Sincerely,

Jeremy Holt.     


Radioactive Waste

Radioactive waste is an unavoidable by-product of nuclear power. Ideally it would be stored safely underground, indefinitely. Until we develop such storage facilities, it can be stored in casks above ground for perhaps 100 years.

At the moment the government want to set up a storage place in Muckaty in the Northen Territority. they do not want it on their land because it will cause sickness and their food to be contaminated. They want the scientists to stop making radioactive waste in the first place at Lucas Heights.


Johnston’s Bend and fun!

On Thursday Joel and I found an emu ‘hut’ it was big. When I walked along I saw a snake eating a blue tongue lizard. it was sad to see a blue tongue get eaten by a snake.

We went to Johnston’s Bend to help clean up so it is safer for the animals.


Rubbish Free Lunch

Rubbish free should be on Mondays and Fridays as well as Wednesdays because this means we have less rubbish in the school and more chances of people having more rubbish free lunches. That would mean less rubbish to the landfill, less water pollution with rubbish going down the drains and less wildlife die because of the litter in the water.

Being rubbish free is a good idea!


Our visit to Wallpolla Island.

On Tuesday 22nd July the Mildura West Primary School Enviro team travelled to Wallpolla Island by bus. It was a pretty bumpy ride going over all the corrugations. if you wanted to travel there it would be a good idea to have a 4 wheel drive as there is a lot of unsealed road!It was awful to see lots of River Red Gums and most of them were dead. There was an abandoned wedge tale eagle nest in one of the River Red Gums due to the fact that the tree was dead. Some of the trees were over 300 years of age .

A regulator has been constructed at Wallpolla Island to put water into Horseshoe Lagoon. The reulator has carp screens and these stop large carp and also other big fish from entering the Lagoon. Smaller fish can breed in the Lagoon and this helps increase our native fish.

Wallpolla Island is a great place to visit.




Welcome to the Murray River.

In the Murray there are lots of different issues to consider including pollution. People that camp just throw their beer cans into the river without caring. Another issue is litter. People just leave their rubbish on the ground without finding a bin to put it in.


There are many rules for the Murray River especially when you are camping on the banks! People need to realise that urinating in the river pollutes it.
Another rule is that you can’t throw carp back into the River because they are bad for the river make it muddy. 


The Murray Cod is the biggist fish in the river and has been known to grow up to 100cm and can live up to 80 years.


The only introduced species that I know of is the European Carp that can be 60cm long and can be as old as 5 years.The European Carp is trouble because they ruin the Murray Cod’s habitat.