Threatened Species – a global issue!

I have been working on threatened species for my global issue. I have learnt plenty such as Franklin’s bumblebee is the world rarest bee. Also the gorilla is only hunted for it’s head and hands. Threatened species is a big problem in this world that needs to be solved.


Keep litter out of the drains!

Litter goes down the drain and then straight into the Murray River. Don’t let this happen.


Keep the Litter out of the drains from Mildura West on Vimeo.


Lake Ranfurly

On April 16th the Enviro Team went to Lake Ranfurly. We learnt about illegal dumping around Mildura.

A  fact about this is that an alimunuim can can take up to a million years to disintegrate. We also learnt about  the habitat and the wildlfe that can be found in the Lake and near the Lake.

A fact about Lake Ranfurly is that one of the endangered species is the Eastern Hooded Scaly Legless Lizard.

A big thanks to Amanda,Kath,Sam and Terry for helping us learn about this!

One of the species at Lake Ranfuly is the Black Swan.


Black Swan by Caleb


Rio Vista Park

Picking up rubbish at Rio Vista. My group found lots of items like a shaver, a toothbrush, a rug and lots of other things. Jack and I  found a close to new  gas bottle, so we took it in the bus and Mr Young will get it checked out to see if we can use it for our BBQ.

5L did a fantastic job of cleaning up Rio Vista Park, we made a big difference. I am proud to be a member of 5L!