Deforestation a global issue!

Deforestation by Jakeb


Only water down the drain!

We paint pictures on the drains to show others not to let litter go down the drain!

Only rain down the drain! By Hannah, Sarah and Jakeb from Mildura West on Vimeo.


At Rio Vista Park …helping the environment!

Picking up rubbish at Rio Vista Park to help the community helped make this area look better. I had a fantasic group with Oscar, Caleb, Jack and I. We were all adventuring through the amazing park.We found most unusual things such as a toothbrush, a helmet, a gas cylinder and lots of rubbish. When then went for a walk to look for more rubbish and things that you can recycle. When we were walking we found a bee hive structure with our Mildura West logo on the sign. Overall our goal was to make Rio Vista a better place for everyone to visit!.