Etiwanda Wetlands

When the Sustainability Ambassadors went to the Etiwanda Wetlands we saw a new footpath being constructed. There was also a bird hide that showed what bird species you could find there if you looked hard enough. These wetlands are constructed to recycle the water from the Etiwanda and San Mateo drains. This is a great way to recycle water.


River Bend clean up!

On the 11th of March 5/6B and the Sustainability Ambassadors went to Johnston’s Bend to clean up for Clean Up Australia Day. I didn’t see much rubbish on the way in. However when we got off the bus there was a lot of rubbish. There were beer bottles, cans, bags and lots of cardboard. I was pleased that we could help make Johnston’s Bend tidier.


All Parks? Dogs on leashes.

 The reason I’m writing this is to raise the issue on dogs being on leashes in public places. Yes I’m with the idea but why do dog owners not have to put a leash on their dogs in Rio Vista Park? The place is a Riparian Zone for goodness sake, owners should not be able to go and let their dogs off a leash in a riparian zone. You can’t just go andshove a lit up smoke down someone’s neck! It’s the same with Rio Vista Park being a Riparian Zone, Riparian Zones are just like the lungs of the river and need to be respected.

The dogs on leashes issue has been going on for a pretty long time so why don’t people have a vote or something? It hasn’t been passed as a law yet even though “Mildura statistically has the highest amount of dog attacks in the state at 168 in the emergency department between 2004 to 2007, as reported in the Sunraysia Daily on Saturday September 27th 2008”. So once again why don’t you put the law through and get it passed for all public places including Rio Vista Park?

I would appreciate comments on this.  


The Litter in Rio Vista Park

The litter in Rio Vista Park has improved since Clean Up Day 2008 but it needs to be much better! 5/6D helped to clean up the Park but everyone needs to help by not dropping litter in the first place.

Mildura Rural City has a few solutions for the problem. They are introducing poop bags for dog owners so we keep Rio Vista clean and tidy.
Special bags will be available so dog owners take more responsibility for their dogs and clean up.

If you know someone that owns a dog and likes taking their dog for a walk at Rio Vista Park, let them know about the poop bags.


Fish Information

Native Species

The biggest fish species of the Murray-Darling Basin River System has been here for ages without the disruption of White Man. The Murray Cod is the biggest freshwater fish in Australia! At an average of 45cm-65cm it has been recorded up to 1.8m long and 113.5kg.

The Golden Perch (or the Yellow Belly) doesn’t grow nearly as big as the Murray Cod. It ranges from 25- 45cm and it is extremely common.

Introduced Species

When they were first introduced, the Introduced species of the Murray-Darling River System, reeked havoc on the native ecosystem. We still haven’t been able to wipe them out but the Native Fish are Recovering and Winning the Fight!

Fishing Trips

Humans have been fishing forever but could it be getting out of hand? The price for commercial fish has risen. Does that mean that fish stocks are down? Releasing fingerlings is a good thing to do. That’s what some of the kids at Mildura West did recently; released 40,000 fingerlings – Golden Perch and Murray Cod.


Eggs: Hatching and Growing:
Fingerlings: dodging and growing:
Fish: growing up:
Mature Fish:
Mating: having eggs.


Being a baby fish also known as a fingerling is dangerous because of all the predators but it also has some advantages.
• Being able to hide in the reeds
• Also being quck

• Being small
• Lots of predators


What would you do?

Rubbish – What would you think if someone kept dumping rubbish in your back yard?

Dog poop – Would you like to step in dog poop?

Pollution – If you and the people around you were drinking the rubbish that you chucked in the bin last week would you be happy?

Introduced species – How would you like it if you had introduced species in your back yard eating all your plants?

…because that’s what is happening. So if you said NO to all of the questions above then you should help us at Rio Vista Park not the dumpers.
So what do you choose? It’s your choice!

Written by Josh and Lachlan