Think about your actions!

The river flows with the colour brown.

The reeds are thick and tall.

Pollutants can be seen in the river.

Fertilisers cause excess nutrients in the river

Blue green algae then forms

Affecting the river creatures.

Be careful what actions you take!

This can impact on the river.


Carp – what damage are they really causing?

  • Are Carp Wrecking The Rivers?
  • Are They Affecting Other Fish?
  • How Many carp Are There In The Murray/Darling?
  • Are There Any Laws For Carp?
  • How Can We Stop Carp Ruining The River?


5/6E Johnson’s Bend 2011

Our team noticed many things at Johnson’s Bend that humans could stop doing:
• Littering
• Lighting fires on the sandbar
• Not putting fires out – leaving them smouldering
• Polluting our waterways by leaving all their rubbish
• Not cleaning up dog poo
• Cigarette butts just dropped on the ground
We need to get a message to the people doing this: HELP SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT. DON’T BE A WRECKER!