Carp a noxious problem

Carp and Their Impact!


Two Drains to the Etiwanda Wetlands



Why are we not allowed to put them back?

How do they repopulate so fast?

Are carp stopping the breeding of other fish?

What are some effective ways to deal with carp after they have been caught?

How can we help with the carp problem?

What makes carp so bad?

Why were carp introduced in the first place?

What are the carp laws?

What does a carp look like?

How can you tell  a carp from a naitive fish?


Mildura Native Nursery

In June my class 5/6E went to the Mildura Native Nursery to look at the native plants. We looked at how they potted the plants and we drew pictures of the plants too. We talked to the person that ran the Nursery and he told us about the diffrent types of plants. There was also a plant that comes from my home town Alice Springs; it was lemon grass and we got to bring it back to the school and we have planted it and we are making it grow nice and big.


Johnson’s Bend Sandbar

On June 2nd my class 5/6 E went to Johnson’s Bend to re-vegetate one of the sandbars, in the end we planted 127 native trees and shrubs.

When we were there my group learnt that the trees and shrubs need help when there isn’t much water so we put white, water saving crystals in with the plants when you  plant them. When it rains the crystals absorb the water and the plant has water stored. To protect the plant you need to put a temporary guard around it with a stake to hold it in place.