Kids Teaching Kids Conference

Making bird boxes at Albury for the Wonga Wetlands

On the 15th of August twelve year six students went to the Albury Kids Teaching Kids Conference. We presented a workshop called Ghastly Guests. It was about blue green algae being on trial for wilful damage to the mighty murray river. We all had lots of fun preparing it and of course presenting it as well. That Monday night we went down to the Albury Entertainment Centre for a fashionable Gala Dinner there was lots of entertainment and fun things to do. On the 17th we went to the Wonga Wetlands for the morning and half of the afternoon. We did at least four activities involving the environment some of the activities were a recycling relay, building bird houses and learning about different sort of soils and comparing them to each other. After the official closing of the Conference we started our 7 hour journey back to Mildura; we got back at about 9:00 that night. We all had a great time 


Albury Kids teaching Kids Conference

A couple of weeks ago, twelve year six students went to a Kids teaching Kids Conference in Albury.

We had lots of fun and learnt a lot about the environment.


Nuclear Waste

Last week Friends of the Earth visitors  from Melbourne came to teach all the year 5/6’s about nuclear waste. Some of the questions we had to answer were: What is radioactive waste and this is what I answered it is waste that is harmful, we can’t see the radioactivity or smell it. It is dangerous.



I have been walking to school since Year 2 if not more.  I enjoy it very much because you can look at what is changing in your neighbourhood and you get a lot more active which I find is really fun.

We have at least one large busy road with a roundabout on Walnut Avenue as we walk along Ninth Street. There are a couple of houses being renovated so we have to avoid the trucks on the way to school.

Before we cross any roads I make sure my brother is with me and also my Dad has to catch up so my brother and I wait for him and also the dog that walks with Dad.

This is just a usual day for us to get from home to school and from school to home in the afternoon.


Wonder Liquid

Wonderful liquid to use in many different ways,

Always being used

Tomorrow it may be all gone.

Every day we use a little more,

Remember to use it in a sensible way because you always make less for everyone else.


What does regulating the river mean?

The Murray River needs to be regulated to support many different societies, industries, aquatic creatures and vegetation. Regulating the river means that it has dams, locks, weirs, regulaters-carpscreens, barrages and fish ladders. There are many different points of view about this issue.

I believe that there should be regulating. It’s a good choice because there is a fair chance that if you don’t regulate the river it will go all over the placea nd we willrun out of water a lot quicker.

But the most important thing is that we have water to drink and because we have all the creatures along the river. With regulation we will have water for a longer length of time.

The river has to be regulated for several reasons for example irrigation, drinking, and a few other things so if you don’t regulate it , it could cost your life!


Pollution in the river by Stephanie,Catherine and Sophie!!!


This is a podcast on the Murray River pollution!



An experience that my family and I had at the Murray River was when I went skiing. When I played beach cricket oh well ‘river cricket’ we stayed there all day, had a barbecue for lunch and got burnt to a crisp.  My brother and I went on the biscuit a couple of times. After lunch towards the end of the day we nearly went straight to sleep. The next day we were exhausted and couldn’t do anything!!!


‘burnt to a crisp’:means you get sunburnt really badly and it hurts a lot

biscuit:it’s like a rubber raft and you get pulled by a boat really fast

barbecue:it has a hot plate with a section for coals or it can be fuelled by gas or electricity


Our Excursion to the Murray River to release fingerlings

On the way to the Murray River:

All of the kids got on the bus and waved to Ms Murray. It was really loud but really cool. Three parents had to stand because there were no seats left. 

We got to the Murray River:

We all got into 5 or 7 groups and the parents were the leaders. We had 10 minutes to go for a walk and my group climbed stairs to go on the top of the bridge. Rebecca’s group came with us and then we looked at all of the communities names. Then we went to the skate park and went back for lunch.

What we ate for lunch:

We were offered sausages and a soft drink. I had 2 sausages and 2 soft drinks.

Went in 5 groups to make up some questions?

Everyone went in 5 groups and we had to make up questions for a special person to ask questions about fingerlings. 

Special Person:

Mr. Crisp came and talked to us about the fish and he said he is in the Lower House in Parliament.Then a fisherman came and answered some questions and he said that fingerlings can grow and live up to 100 years old. 

Releasing the fingerlings into the River:

All of the 5 groups got a bucket. First we had someone filling the bucket up with water and then we got in a line and waited to get some yellowbelly fingerlings and cod too. Then we poured them gently into the River and we could go back for more. After all of that was done 2 man showed us a metal cylinder but it had holes in the both ends. Two of the men put water in and the last of the fingerlings. They turned on a pump and all the fingerlings ended up in the river. 


 I have been to the Murray River before and it was fun.