Watching Albury kids

Is blue green algae the worst water pollutant?

The kids did a great job perfecting the show, ‘Ghastly Guests.’ I learnt that not just blue-green algae dirties the water; there are other water pollutants that also cause harm. I can’t wait to see the show tonight as well!!


Mini fete

Mini fete was great. We did face painting and rasied $186 dollars. Overall we had a lot of people lined up for our stall and had all sorts of designs for boys and girls. We managed to recycle all the containers we used.


Release of Fingerlings Excursion 18th March 2008

On the 18th March some year 5 and 6 children went down to the Rowing Club Lawns to help release 40,000 yellow belly [Golden Perch] and Murray Cod fingerlings. We also got the opportunity to meet Mr. Peter Crisp and he knows a lot about the Murray River and how important fish are to our river.

Mr. Crisp answered many of our questions and one of the questions was how many eggs can a Murray Cod lay? Mr. Crisp said that females can lay up to 40,000 eggs in hollow logs or shallow water. Eggs usually hatch 6 to 13 days later, with fingerlings feeding by themselves about 3-4 weeks later.

Down at the River it was very hot but we found shade under a tree. I would like to thank Mildura RSL Angling Club for giving us our lunch.