Etiwanda Wetlands by Jamaya


Johnson’s Bend by Jamaya


Does anyone care?

Our river is dying from pollution,

We need to stop it with an unfound solution,

People are so selfish these days

We need to stop the cruel ways

With a bit of hope we can see

How the river can be help just believe

But it may stay like this for years to come

But something has to be done

So stop pollution!

It’s killing our trees!

Our plants, insects and bees

Does anyone care anymore?




Environmental Change by Jamaya


Rio Vista/Clean up Australia day

On Thursday we went to Rio Vista to clean up there was a fair bit of rubbish which was bad for the plants and wildlife. On Friday we had Clean Up Australia Day at our school. Our class got off the hook because we are the Litter Control Team and had to collect the data to send off to clean up Australia. The downside was that we had to sort out the other grades’ rubbish!