Collecting cuttings

At Rio Vista Park, we collected cuttings and put them in bags to take to the Belar Nursery at Irymple.

We used seceteurs to cut the healthy part of the plant. We also looked to make sure the plant didn’t have any new leaves coming out or any flowers sprouting.

As we cut the healthy part of the plant we carefully placed it in a plastic bag as we showed our group leader, Bonnie, our cuttings.

We were very happy to be helping the environment and know that the cuttings we took and potted will be big enough next year to plant out for National Tree Week in July.


Animals at Rio Vista

Rio Vista Park is important because it helps possums and other animals feel safe. So to help the animals we need to keep the area clean and tidy. When our class went to Clean-Up we found lots of rubbish in amongst the bushes and that would affect the animals.