Rio Vista Park and Belar Nursery

Last Thursday 5/6A went to Rio Vist Park to take cuttings from native plants then take them to Belar Nursery. When we got there we had our lunch then took bags and secateurs to cut the plants. We also had to write down and describe the plants we had taken the cuttings from. Nick and Harry played hide and seek in high visibility fluoro yellow jackets. Cooper and Kayne found a sculpture called Beehive. We thought it was a real beehive, but it was not.
[The Beehive’ is a 3.5 metre high sculpture by Vlase Nikoleski hidden in the trees at Rio Vista Park. Check out the website as follows:]

When we got to Belar Nursery my group had a tour of the Nursery. First we walked around the site and looked at all the different plants. Then we went into the glasshouse and Cath turned on the sprinklers and we got wet. Then we took our cuttings, pulled off the base leaves, dipped them in growth gel, then planted them in small black pots and then we put them on a tray. We put the trays of cuttings  in the glasshouse.

Next year hopefully these will be planted on National Trees Day at Rio Vista Park.  I had lots of fun.


Save water tip

Install a rain water tank



When it’s hot enough my family goes water skiing we have lots of tubes. We have a biscuit a hot dog and a pancake. They are all very fun  and I like water skiing a lot. Does it snow where you live? I have two dogs and their names are  Max and Millie. Other things I do I like ride my Ripstick. In Australia we have 3 sorts of mammals: monotremes such as echidnas, marsupials that are all animals with pouches and placentals such as a dingo. In Australia we call candy lollies.



I had a lot of fun a the Mini Fete. My team did the Water Balloon Throw. You throw water balloons at a target. We made $95.60  in the end there was a lot of little bits of plastic and I picked them all up. I put them in the rubbish bin. We used the rest of the water to water the lawn.



A couplet poem!

Water, water here and there

Falling from the sky everywhere.