Energy Tip

Turn off the switch…
Dont leave the lights on!!!

Use compact fluroescent globes – everything helps to save energy.


Rio Vista 2011

Our class represented Mildura West for Community Clean-Up Day. On Thursday 5/6D we went down to Rio Vista Park to check for rubbish and then classify it.   We found lots of soft drink cans, golf balls and HUGE spiders.

Going as a team to Rio Vista to make a difference so we reduced the litter was a good thing to do.


The Worm Farm.

We have a new worm farm at our school and it will be able to take all of our food scraps. This will keep the food scraps out of the landfill and reduce the amount of rubbish that we send to the landfill every week. The 5/6E kids are in charge of the worm farm.



On Christmas of 2009, my family and I went camping down at the Murray River. When we woke up our tent was filled with presents. My brothers were so surprised because they thought Santa only delivered presents to their house.

When everyone was up and ready we went swimming in the river. It was cold at first but the water felt warmer the longer that we stayed in.

After that we had lunch. We had our Christmas barbeque. It was unusual because we didn’t go fishing like we normally do. I enjoyed staying there and I hope to go this year.


Murray River

Marvellous , clear water.

Under the river red gums.

Rivers this fine are one-of-a-kind.

Running through this peaceful world.

After all, it’s here for all.

Yesterday it was here, tomorrow its might be gone.


Nuclear FreeWays

It was really great that the girls could come, but to hear about what the government is doing really made me think. Next thing you will know is you will have a 3 eyed goldfish! So try to spread the word and help save Muckaty from having a toxic waste dump.