Albury Kids Teaching Kids Conference

How could lawn clipping possibly get into the river when I live so far away from the river!

When we, Mildura West went to the 2010 Kids Teaching Kids in Albury, we saw many different acts from other schools. I saw a workshop which was about carp taking over the River and it was a dance-off to show how the carp take over the river. The second workshop I saw was a story telling about all different things that pollute the Environment and cause the river to be a dirty blue colour and then cause blue green algae.

Our presentation was set in a court room where Blue Green Alage was on trial for causing very bad damage to the River. It was great fun to act it out and I think everything went well. A lot of the people who watched said that they learnt a lot from our workshop.

Even though it was a long drive back from Albury to Mildura it was worth it and a lot of fun! I did learn a lot from the Conference and would go again if we are a part of another one!


Earth Hour 2010

Earth Hour 2010 is on Saturday 27 March at 8.30pm until 9.30pm where everyone is asked to turn off their lights to save energy so we have a sustainable future. People across the world will turn off their lights to help the Earth. If you want more information go to 

Mr. Powell talked to the Sustainability Ambassadors about Earth Hour.

Let’s hope everyone gets involved.