Making a bird box for the Wonga Wetlands

On the 15th of August, 12 kids went to Albury for a Kids Teaching Kids Conference. We were there for three days, and on our last day we went to the Wonga Wetlands.

At the wetlands we did 4 activities.

Our first activity was making bird boxes. We had to pair up with someone, I went with Catherine. To make the bird box we had to use nails and glue to make sure it would stick together. When we were finished putting it together we were able to decorate it with the permanent markers they had supplied for us.

Our second activity was Recycling Relay. We had to sort the waste into groups, and put the piece of Rubbish, Recycling or food scrap into the right bin, while hopping and skipping.

Our third activity was Water Pollution. We had to tip a little container of a water pollutant into the clean water to see how bad the damage was in the river. The next part of the activity was making our own filter. To do this we had to use different stones and different types of dirt to see what would make a good filter.

When we had finished that activity we had lunch then went on to our last activity.

The last activity was called ‘Let’s get grubby.’ In that we had to split into two groups the first group had to test all the different soils to see what they were actually called. The second group had to look at boxes of soil and try and find lots of bugs.

When we were finished we had a presentation where two kids from each school went up and said what they had most enjoyed and some of the things they would tell the rest of their school.

When the presentation was finished everyone started to leave and go back to their school.

Adding a water pollutant to show how bad the river can be polluted by our actions.


Albury 2010 Kids Teaching Kids Conference

Albury was awesome!
We got to stay at a 5 star motel and our performance went very well.
Anyone that didn’t go should have gone it was great.