Mildura Native Nursery

On 30th June 5/6E travelled to the Mildura Native Nursery. When we got there we listened to the man speak about some trees and lots of other things. After he had finished we got into partners and walked around and had a look at plants and wrote things down about the plants. After about ten minutes the man took us around the back where a lady was propagating plants. My partner and I found some plants from Alice Springs where she used to live. We also got a lemon plant from Alice Springs to keep at our school and we planted it near the worm farm.


Johnson’s Bend Sandbar

On 2nd June, my Class went to Johnson’s Bend and we planted 127 native trees and shrubs. We got into groups of two or three and grabbed some plants to replant plants that had got washed away by the rain and floods that we had earlier in the year. There were five different plants: Acacia Stenophylla (River Cooba, Wilga or Eumong), River Redgum, Old Man Saltbush, Nitre Goosefoot and Black Box. My group planted one of each plant.

We dug a hole and then put white little, water saving crystals in the hole then put the plant in, once you have done that you put an orange juice carton as a guard and a stake to help the plant grow.

My group learnt that we you need to put a guard around the plant to protect it and help it grow. You also have to put white, water saving crystals in the bottom of the hole.


Nail Painting at the Mini Fete

On Wednesday the 21st of July, we had the Mini Fete. The 5/6’s run the Mini Fete to raise money for the Grade 6 Melbourne Camp. My store was Nail Painting there were lots of other fun places. We raised $37.40 and we can still use the nail polish we have left.


Johnston’s Bend

Last week 5/6B and the Sustainability Ambassadors went to clean up Johnston’s Bend for Australia Community clean up day but it had to be a week later as it rained. While we were there we found lots of dead lizards and bones. We gave them to Mrs. Vorwerk and she put them in the Science Room. At the end there was lots of rubbish and we put most of the rubbish in one bag and the rest in the recycling bags.