Waste Slogan

Don’t leave a trace
by leaving your waste.

By Annabel M, Kyle M, Alex P, Harry P, Jeremy H, Indi M and Zane M


Clean Up Australia Day at Rio Vista – Persuasive

Clean Up Australia Day whether it be a Community Clean – Up or Friday School’s Clean Up is an important time for all Australians! It is a chance to show we are proud of our country and do not want to see unsightly litter anywhere!

5/6D took the opportunity to make a difference in the community on Thursday 3rd March when our class and Mrs Vorwerk walked to Rio Vista for Community Clean Up Australia Day. I was in a group with Mrs Vorwerk and Mrs Cockfield. We did not find much rubbish but what we did see was strangled trees. They were being strangled by the plastic tree guards. Any plastic tree guards found on the grounds are counted as litter…we saved countless trees.

I believe everyone should participate in some way for Clean Up Australia Day, volunteering their time to make Australia a better place!



Every Easter my family, friends and I go down to the Murray River and stay in tents and swags. We also bring the houseboat down to where we’re staying. I also bring my bike and we put out speed boat in the water. Sometimes we even go fishing and once I caught a Murray Cod. This year my friends Mitch and Alby found a bike trail with jumps and we rode our bikes over the jumps trying to get airborne. When we go camping we have a bonfire and we toast marshmallows on sticks. I sometimes go on the keen board and I tried the slalom ski but I failed miserably. I like to sleep in swags or sleeping bags. It gets really cold at night down at the river so I have to put 2 or 3 blankets on. My dog Nulla likes to come too; however she causes too much mischief. I love going down to the river.


Water Wise

 Water is the best

But pollutants cause a mess

So give our water a rest

Keep bad publicity out of the ‘press’.

Don’t dump your rubbish

Take it with you; it’s not that hard

Or we won’t have any fish

I’m sure we don’t need a guard

We can easily change our ways

Help clean up the river banks

Or we’ll have no water for the rest of our days

And we’ll think

Today’s our day

To change our ways.


Mini Fete at Mildura West

On Wednesday the 21st of July 2010 the year 5/6’s held a Mini Fete on the school oval. The Fete went for two hours which caused a lot of waste so we did our best to reuse and recycle everything we could.


Lake Ranfurly

We walked down closer to the water. The terrain and the shrubs kept on changing it kind of seemed weird. The smell of the salt water started to kick in running up my nose and all that was in sight was the lake and little shrubs. The pig face with it’s bright pinkish, purplish flowers kept on changing colours it was funny and at the same time intriguing making us wonder why the colours were changing.


Water Wise – a Quatrain poem

Water, Water everywhere.

Better save it or there’ll be none to spare.

So we need to change our ways…

Or we’ll have no water for the rest of our days.


Desalination plant

The Desalination plant is in Gippsland near Inverloch. Basically it is a water cleaner because it takes out the salt and puts minerals in it .

Some people  think its a bad idea because its could harm the animals in the water.

What do you think? Leave  your comments below


Solar Electricity

  This year I think we should focus on solar power. Solar Power is energy that comes from the sun and this  energy is very powerful. It is available every day for us to use. There is probably way too much for what we need to use so how come we are not using this resource more and more! 

FACT! Even a small amount of sunlight is enough to meet the energy and power needs of the entire human population more than 8,500 times over.

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