Beneath the Surface

Creatures dwell beneath the surface,

Fish, turtles and sea serpents.

The reeds blow smoothly in the wind,

The slow watery currents twist and spin.

Tadpoles speed and yabbies crawl.

Platypuses and ducks dream sleepily on…

There’s a whole big world down deep

Where creatures great and small –

Who cannot speak –

Not because they are animals

But because they are outnumbered by humans and their disgusting practices!

Beneath the Surface shows there is a lot more to a river or a waterway than appears when we just look at the surface!


Albury Kids Teaching Kids Conference 2010

On Sunday 15-17th August Kelsey, Sophie, Catherine, Bree, Georgia, Cameron, Billy, Josh, Connor and I went to the Albury Kids Teaching Kid’s Conference.

We made a presentation called ‘Ghastly Guests’ about all the pollutants that go into the river causing harm. We also made a workshop that all the kids can work on from what we said in our play. We stayed at a fancy hotel called Quest Albury. There were three rooms I stayed with Mrs. Vorwerk and Bree. Mallee Catchment were very kind to sponsor us for the bus to travel to Albury. 

At the Conference, I went to a workshop named Charlie Carp it was about all the introduced species fighting against the native species. Of course the native species won the Dance-off.

On the activity day we set off to Wonga Wetlands. It was a beautiful day except that it rained and the ground was all squelchy and slippery. I went to a rubbish relay and we had to run around putting rubbish in the right bins.

I really enjoyed the Conference it was a great experience for me and I will never forget it. Hopefully when I go to High School they will have loads of activities like this.

Did you know dog's business is a water pollutant? There is a clear message to ALWAYS clean up after your dog!


Albury Conference

A group of kids (including me) travelled 9 hours to Albury for a Conference. It was an amazing experience that taught me so much. Thanks Mrs. V!

Here is my letter to thank our sponsors:

Mildura West Primary School

Ninth St.

Mildura 3500


Dear Paula,

I would like to thank you for your kind donation of $1500.00 for the Albury Kids Teaching Kids Conference. I attended the Conference because I wanted to learn more about what I can do to help our environment. It was a really great experience because I actually learnt more than I thought I would.

 Our presentation was called ‘Ghastly Guests’. It was about the introduced species and what they do to the rivers health and also many other pollutants such as blue green algae. I was a News reporter and a character called Debbie Dog Lover in our presentation. Debbie Dog Lover was a polluter by her dog Rusty; its poop went down the drains and into the river causing water pollution and blue green algae.

 The audience was surprisingly engaged to what we were saying. It was really pleasing to see. A boy in my workshop group was the spokesperson who went up the front and shared his work. He actually listened to what we said and put it together to present his speech. It’s amazing how we as kids can make a difference.

I went to a workshop called Charlie Carp; it was about a dance-off of native fish and introduced fish. In the end it was up to us who won. I met lots of people on the days of the Conference who were really passionate about the environment. 

To help Climate Change I will turn off the electricity in my house when not in use such as; turning off the conditioner and heater, walk more than drive and teach other kids at other conferences what we can do.

Some messages that I hope kids from the Conference will take back to their schools are; no matter what age we are we can still make a difference, our pollutants end up in our resources and destroy it.

My highlight was when I got up and asked a question but before I could Arron Wood interrupted and said,  “This is Indi Clarke’s little sister from one of the first River Health Conferences”. It was a very proud moment for me.

Thank you very much for your kind sponsorship for us to go to the Albury Kid’s Teaching Kid’s Conference.

 Yours sincerely,



Johnston’s Bend

The 5/6B Class went to  Johnston’s Bend for a clean up for Clean Up Australia Day. I was in the Sustainability Ambassadors team. We all walked around the track cleaning up every single piece of yucky rubbish for people, because they are lazy not pick it up themselves. It was for a good cause, it was for the environment!


Flying off to the ResourceSmart Awards 2009

Rubbish Free Lunch Challenge Winner 2009

Rubbish Free Lunch Challenge Winner 2009

When we went to the ResourceSmart School Awards we won 2 of the categories. This is my letter of thanks for the sponsorship.

Mildura West Primary School

Ninth St.,

Mildura 3500

30th November 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for sponsoring us to go to Melbourne for the Rubbish Free Challenge and the ResourceSmart Awards. With your kind donation we were able to travel by plane and arrive safely. When we were flying we got to see the countryside and how beautiful it was from the air.

At the awards ceremony I learnt about other schools and what they do for the environment. There were so many different ideas and so many people involved. Sharing ideas helps us to think of new ideas for our school. That is all good for the environment. 

Cameron and I were members of the Game Show along with two students from Mill Park Secondary College. Minister Jennings was on our team. We had so much fun.

I believe you can stop Climate Change by:

*Turning off the lights when not in use

*Reducing the use of electricity

*Installing solar panels and wind turbines

*Using a recyclable cloth bag instead of plastic bags when shopping

If everyone just did a few things we could make a big difference.

There were so many messages in peoples’ presentations but the ones that stood out for me were:

*Do not waste water because it is a precious resource

*Look after our wildlife

*Make sure you use actions and not just words.

The highlights included Mildura West being announced as a winner of the Rubbish Free Challenge. We have so many people that are rubbish free everyday not just on Rubbish Free Wednesdays. Thank you for our prize money. We are hoping to get a new composting system as our compost bins are falling apart. Then it was announced that we were the winners of the Waste Wise ResourceSmart Schools Award. One of the things I enjoy is making pots out of newspaper, then the seedlings are put in the pots and the whole thing can be planted so we don’t disturb the roots and the newspaper holds the water.

I hope that everyone at home tries at least one thing to help Climate Change.

Thank you for your sponsorship and the prize money. It will help our school with some more projects.

Yours sincerely





Without water we could not survive. I painted my poster on canvas.


Mildura West should be rubbish free all the time!

Mildura West should be rubbish free all the time and that would be an excellent idea. Lots of people every week bring rubbish free lunches especially on Wednesday when it is a rubbish free day and some people don’t.

We are helping the environment too by having less litter flying around. As well we are keeping litter out of the drains by being rubbish free and that helps our water quality in the river [this is our drinking water too!]The wetlands keep cleaner as well.  

However we need to think of a way to get more people to bring rubbish free lunches. We need to have different types of containers and let people know where they can buy them. The containers do need to be cheaper so that people can afford them.

We do focus on the national parks making sure what we take in we take out. But I think if our school was rubbish free all the time it would be an awesome school!



We went to Ranfurly Park and after we put on our bright, yellow, security jackets, Catherine our leader from Mildura Rural City Council took us for  walk in the bush to see what we could observe.


Prickly Pear is a weed that is very prickly and it has bright coloured fruit. The prickly pear is called that as it’s fruit is shaped like a pear. The leaves have spines on the outside of the leaf.


Paterson’s Curse has a purple flower that looks very like a normal flower, but it is a weed !. It is an introduced weed from the Mediterranean.


Part of the weevil life cyle is a grub and they eat the centre of Paterson’s Curse until is it destroyed.


The seeds are spread by foxes, droppings of birds and other animals in their fur. Also if there is a prickly pear don’t let it spread because it could take over your back or front yard.


The cactoblastis moth has been the most successful in Queensland and NSW where it is warm. The cactoblastis moth eats inside the prickly pear and eats it until it is a rotting mass.

At Ranfurly Park there is a ‘wall’ of prickly pear and they are not sure what they should use to get rid of it.