Merry Christmas

The staff at Mildura West Primary School would like to wish all our families a safe and happy Christmas. We look forward to seeing you all in 2017

Forensic Science/Junior Neighbourhood Watch Program

Our students Year 6 have developed advertisements to highlight community safety while Year 5 students produced movies highlighting issues in our community. The advertisements and movies were designed to be proactive so that crimes are not committed.

During the next few weeks various ads or movies will be showcased on: Eye Watch Mildura Police Service area:



This is a short crime prevention video created by Mildura West Primary School students. It's very interesting to see what's in the minds of children. A great job and well worth a look.

This is the first in a short series of video clips created by the students at Mildura West Primary School as part of the Junior Neighbourhood Watch Program.

This video features Vanessa, Akeisha, Chloe, Cameron and Chrys with a powerful message not to hurt your family and friends with the decisions you make.

Grade 6 Graduation

On Thursday the 8th of December our Year 6 students had their graduation at the Mercy theatre. They each presented a speech and did a fantastic job. Afterward we had a wonderful beach themed party and had lots of fun. Each student should be very proud of their efforts.

These are the award winners for Excellence for 2016.


DUX –         Akeisha Umuroa-Watkins

Reading –   Josie Brigante

Writing –    Phoenix Hargrave

Maths –       Sam Pratt

Science –    Toby Edlington

Primary School Achievement- Chloe Tonkin

Sustainability –    Georgia Baldock

Student Voice –  Aimee Geyer

Art – Dekira Whitchurch-Jensen

PE –   Morna Naquto

School Sport Victoria Award - Cameron Kiel

Thank you

I would like to thank…..

·        Our parents/carers who have supported their children’s education 

·        All those people who have volunteered throughout the year.

·        Our wonderful school council who support the school in so many ways.

·        The absolutely fantastic staff who work tirelessly to ensure MWPS is a GREAT school and take such good care of our children.

·        And last, but not least, the students! It’s such a pleasure coming to school each day because the children are simply amazing!!  

SRC Pool & Sprinkler Day

Our SRC Pool Day & Sprinkler Day yesterday was a great success. Although the weather was a little cool, our children laughed and played all day. Such a lovely “feel” around the school.

The grade 3-6 children enjoyed their morning at the SRC Day at the Irymple pool.  One of the Life Savers commented to me on how astonishing it was to have so many children in the pool and all behaving so well!

Crime Investigation in Science

All our students in grade 5 and 6 have been working with Joe Clarke a local police officer learning about Crime Investigation and prevention. They all produced a short movie on crime and a few have been chosen to have these movies placed on the on the Police Eye watch site. Follow the link below to check them out.





It’s been wonderful to see many of our parents at school this week.

PBL always has a BIG celebration at the conclusion, when students share their learning with you!!

We are very proud of our students and their learning in PBL.


PBL is implemented across the whole school.  It is an integrated approach to learning.

It involves students :

·        Learning about their World

·        Learning to work with others

·        Having some choice in the learning

·        Learning how to be a good learner

·        Researching to find answers to any questions they have

·        Answering some driving PBL questions

·        Asking their own questions and searching for the answers

·        Using technology to help them learn

If you have any questions about PBL please ask your child’s class teacher or better still, ask your child. Also, take a look in the gallery of photos of the day.


We will be having a special assembly to start the day, then the children will participate in activities such as Storytelling, Game playing, Painting, Music and Dance.

There will be a free sausage sizzle provided for students’ lunch.

NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities, but by Australians from all walks of life. The day is a great opportunity to participate in a range of activities and to support our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. Thank you to our wonderful Koorie Education Support Officer, Cleonie Quayle, who has organised the day. 

Qualls hatching

The Prep Unit have been learning all about animals that hatch from eggs. We have been lucky enough to have an incubator with lots of quail eggs. After watching and waiting for our eggs to hatch, it has finally happened!

The school have been abuzz with the excitement of the births!!

At last count we have more than 100 quails.

What amazing and fun learning!Why not head over to our photo gallery to check it out.

Project Base Learning Celebrations

Our children have been working very hard in PBL (Project Based Learning).They answered some essential teacher questions and then they searched for the answers to their own questions.

For many weeks they worked hard and learnt a great deal.

They’ve also been talking about how to be a good learner, how to work with others and how manage their own learning.


Next week the children would like to present their learning to you.

Please come and celebrate lots and lots of learning.

Grade 1/2

“Australian Animals”

Tuesday 29th November

9.15am – 11.00am

Grade 3/4

“Australian Geography”

“Australian Explorers”

Thursday 1st December

11.45am – 1.30pm

Grade 5/6

“Asian Countries”

Thursday 1st December

9.30am – 1.30pm