Student Reporting on COMPASS

Student Reporting on Compass - Congratulations 5L! 5L have the most parent logins to Compass for student reporting. They are our winners of the pizza lunch this Thursday! You can still log on at any time to see your child’s latest learning! New CAT’s (Common assessment tasks) will be going up next week. So please get online and share in your child’s learning at Mildura West. You can log on here: Please contact the school if you are having difficulty logging on – we will help you! 

Can You Help!

In 2022, Mildura West Primary School will turn 100 years old. A lot of our school history is stored in boxes and cartons, and even more is out in the community. We are looking for a team of volunteers to meet on a regular basis to sort and catalogue historical items, and source photos and memorabilia from the community. Our School Librarian will assist the group with a workspace, access to a scanner and printer. If you are interested volunteering in any way, please contact the school office on 03 5023 1336. 

School Cross Country

On Friday 8th of April the school is conducting its House School Cross Country Sports. The Cross Country will be held at Mansell Reserve with the Prep-Two students competing in the morning (9am-11am) and the Grade Three – Six students competing 11:30am-1:30pm. There will be an Award Ceremony held in the Gym after lunch, where place getters and house champions will be announced. We hope to see lots of support and hope you can help us out with a few jobs on the day. A note about the event went home earlier this week.

Take Home Reading Books

We really need all students in grade prep, one & two to hunt for the “take home books” as many have not been returned.

In 5 years we have spent a great deal of money on these little books and at present we are missing several hundred.

We would really appreciate it if you could PLEASE have a good look and send any you find back to school.

Smoking Around Schools

From 13 April 2015, smoking has been banned within four metres of an entrance to all primary and secondary schools in Victoria, and within the school grounds, an infringement penalty of $147 could apply to adults caught wilfully breaking the law,  under an amendment to the Tobacco Act 1987

Keeping your children safe - School Arrival Time

Your children’s safety is our number one concern. Children are not permitted to arrive at school before 8.30. We cannot supervise children at this time, which means their safety is an issue.

Our Classrooms are open at 8.30. Please respect this Department of Education Policy.

More about 'Online Assessment' at West

In this video some of the Leadership Team explain how 'Assessment and Reporting' will work at Mildura West this year.

Parents can log onto Compass here:

It’s OK to be Different Day!



National Anti-Bullying Day is on this term and we need to be proactive and continue to support our students so they understand bullying. So we are combining the SRC and National Anti-Bullying Day so that we can do both!

Dress up! Wear your hair in a crazy way! Odd socks, wear clashing colours, put spots and stripes together, odd shoes…

Remember to only use things out of your cupboard!

Our Debating Team

Over the last 4 weeks some of our grade six students and I have been involved in some really exciting debating with 4 other Victorian Schools. Each Thursday the students engage in a debate on the polycom. It’s quite incredible debating online.

MWPS Students involved:Lilli Cox, Charlie Brambrick,  Lara McHugh, Zane Booth & Emma Robinson

All of our children have been so impressive and I’ve felt very proud! 

Changes to Assessment and Reporting at MWPS

In 2015 Mildura West Primary School’s Assessment and Reporting is going ONLI