3/4 Investigators

Our 3/4 Investigators have been working hard, and have been learning about famous people. On Wednesday all their hard work was showcased, when they dressed up and wowed their parents with their knowledge on their person. The Investigators did a great job and should be so proud of the work they have done. The parents were all amazed and loved every performance. Well done to everyone.

Sports Day

The school is holding our annual Athletics carnival next Tuesday (5th August). We have held house meetings in preparation and we are raring to go.  Please make sure you return your money for the bus and your lunch order by tomorrow. Food will be available from the canteen at the oval. Come along, cheer, help if you can and enjoy the day with us!

Every Day Counts

We all want our students to get a great education, and the building blocks for a great education begin with students coming to school each and every day.

There is no safe number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts them behind, and can affect their educational outcomes.

Coming to school every day is vital, but if for any reason your child must miss school, please let us know.


Come to Our Annual Scholastic Book Fair

GREAT NEWS - the Book Fair has been extended.

Prices start from as low as $1.00

Date : Friday 25th July - Wednesday 6th August.

Prep Enrollment 2015

We have commenced our Prep Information Sessions to allow us to do some long term planning for next year.  We would like an indication of possible enrolments for Preps who will start in 2015.

If you know of a family who are considering Mildura West Primary School next year, please encourage them to contact us.

Class Newsletters

Every term, the students work very hard, and to show case some of the things that they have been learning, a class newsletter is produced and sent home. These newsletter can be found in the newsletter link at the top of the page. Simply click on the link, and then the class that your child is in and browse through these wonderful and information packed newsletters. You can access all of them here.


Year 5 Kinder Visit

Our wonderful year 5 students headed down to our local kindergarten today to get to know the children. This is a great time for both school students and kinder children to get to know each other in preparation for next years buddies program. Buddies is a great experience, kinder children when they start school in Prep are paired with a year 6 student who helps make their first year at school more enjoyable.


The Walk-a-thon is on again on Tuesday 12th August from 11.30am until 1.30pm. This is a major fundraiser for our school. Money raised will go to towards the betterment of our school. Sponsors may donate a set amount or pledge money for every lap walked. All money is due back by Monday, 18th August. Sponsorship forms have been sent home with todays newsletter.

Winners are Grinners

Congratulations! Mildura West PS has won 80 cartons of Reflex White 100% Recycled paper!

We had to answer the following question: How many printer cartridges go into the manufacture of one kilometre of Tonerpave™ road?

Three Way Reporting

Have you made a time?

Tuesday 24th June

Wednesday 25th June

We are now finalising times for 3-way Conferences.

If you were not able to get to school to select a time, please contact the office.

A crèche will operate in the library for siblings. Please ensure that you sign them in and out.